Monday, October 26, 2015

New World Order Spreading The Pain Around

Autism rates soaring since Asia adopted Western vaccine schedules.

The Nazis were like the Vienna Boys Choir with snappy dress compared to these people. They have committed the worst crimes in the whole of recorded history with these vaccines, worse than any genocide in mankind's ledger, wiping out entire generations of people or reducing them to vegetables.


Maochael Schleatensmao said...

Isn't autism to do with Thal gene expression?
I've always wondered, how much of Asperger's is a result of Thal nature and how much is caused by diet, poor gene expression, etc.

Texas Arcane said...

@Maochael Schleatensmao

New evidence from CT scans of the brain shows that although autistic people sometimes have some Asperger's traits and vice versa, the consolidated data from over 100,000 scans of brains in the UK shows that people with "Aspergers Syndrome" have brains more different from both autists and neurotypicals than the differences between both. In other words, placed on a scale, the distance from neurotypicals to Aspergers is half the differences between Aspergers and autists. This confirms Hans Asperger, who concluded from all his research that Aspergers was not autism.

The problem is that Yanks have been screeching autism=Aspergers for so long that they have utterly confused this subject in people's minds. For example, because both Aspergers and autists do not like large crowds may imply some of the same genes being expressed but by no means implies autism=Aspergers. The only reason they get away with it is that Hans Asperger is not alive to sue them in court for misappropriation of his research and name. It all started with one mother in the U.S. who began chanting this meme about her own son.

It is important to recognize that it is much easier for a doctor to tell parents that their child "may have Aspergers" instead of "your child has evidence of brain damage" if that doctor vaccinated that child a month ago. This is why doctors got in on the action and started regurgitating this crap, to avoid lawsuits.