Wednesday, October 14, 2015

New Madrid Fault Wants To Help Contribute To ITZ

Average of two quakes a day in some states of 3.0+ or higher, former rate was two a year!

Around the time the New Madrid fault blows you could also see Yellowstone go. That would be an interesting day. Do the elites know something others don't?

Weird how they are changing Walmart into an NWO processing centre and resupply train. I personally never saw that coming. Strange times indeed.

Governments have discovered how to shut off dissent - magnetic waves can suppress the frontal lobes. Once called "The Seat of Civilisation" before they became politically incorrect when politicians discovered they often don't have any on CT scans of the brain. They neglected to mention that even the capacity to think in terms of abstractions is a big factor in religious faith, so shutting off the median lobes could be considered similar to pulling the fuse on the soul. Perfect taxpayers at last.

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Sam said...

Maybe fracking is a good thing. The reason we have earthquakes is the plates slipping and getting hung up. Big quakes are from no slipping. If fracking causes a lot of little quakes then that would relieve pressure. Maybe it would even release a big one but the pressure was already there. Fracking won't make it worse.

They ought to frack a few miles of the San Andreas to see if it would move. Start in a less settled area. If it works frack the fault a few miles at a time.