Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Never Believe Anything From the MSM

The mass media claims now that photos of Chris Mercer, four of them in fact, were all accidentally altered with major photoshopping to make him look white. All four of these heavily doctored photos were distributed and printed despite all the mass media claiming they have fact checkers. Bloggers caught them but they are incapable of catching a colossal gaffe like this with their supposed in-house editorial staff.

I worked at a magazine or two in my life. I'd have caught this error even if the photos were delivered to me and I was simply told to drop them in. I'd have studied the facts of the case and I also would have noticed that "Mercer" looked similar to African albinos.

In the article above they discover that viewers were shown white hands posting to the web and told these were the hands of Mercer's mother. That in itself was a lie. It was stock footage from somewhere else.

Did this thing get weird enough for you yet for you to figure out how fake it would have to be to coordinate all of this in advance? The press kit was probably assembled a month ago.

A tiny snippet of truth was the only accident that slipped out on CNN. CNN casually reported some facts I have known for years. People with Asperger's Syndrome are the most law abiding, decent and peaceful people on the planet. The only people they ever kill during their lifetimes is themselves in most cases. They have the highest rate of suicide and the absolutely lowest rate of violent crime. The reality is that people with Asperger's Syndrome have such strong, powerful convictions about right and wrong that they will not even strike somebody in self-defense if they decide their own behaviour merited a response but will be the first to come to the defence of a perfect stranger. Aspies have a compass needle in their head that points to true north. It doesn't matter if Homo Sapiens has figured it out. Sapiens never figured out anything in his entire existence. That's just the way it is.

I was reading the other day about a kid with Asperger's who was being tormented by some bullies at his school. His mother was too broke to afford textbooks for the year and so the kid was borrowing the teaching manuals in the classroom. One afternoon after these bullies stormed off when they got bored of tormenting and slapping this kid they left their own schoolbooks in a knapsack they had thrown down to free up their hands. The kid was left alone. Nobody would ever know if he got some payback by stealing those books he needed. The next morning, the kid brought the books back to his tormenters and when they checked, the books were all still where they had left them in the knapsack. The psychologist who recorded this account said she wept at the goodness of the child, which seemed baked into the fabric of his character where it could never be altered by his experience.

If you can tell me what percentage of Neanderthal genes are common in any given population in the world, I can tell you with amazing statistical accuracy how likely your wallet will be returned to you with the money still in it if you drop it on the sidewalk. I can also guess how many animal welfare leagues exist in that country and whether or not they rescue orphan dogs and nurse them to health or chop them up while they are still alive and serve them boiled in oil. The only thing that matters is the percentage of genes they have from my kind. Nobody else. You tell me who you think God's people are. It says volumes about mankind that children with Asperger's Syndrome are not just the worst bullied children of anybody in the system, they are the children who are proven by field observation to be bullied and tormented first and foremost by the adults. You will know them by their fruits and Homo Sapiens is one rotten apple. These same adults will tell you we all need to show special tolerance to this or that opposition group, the same adults who will torture an Aspergers child in front of their peers with humiliating, ugly insults that go on for hours, months, years without relief. Sorry Sapiens but your own kind turned on you after going undercover the past twenty years and even the hardest hearted of them melted when they saw with their own eyes what was really going on. Some student psychologists have dropped it as a career after studying the gifted child with Aspergers and losing so much respect for the entire system they decided the whole thing was a joke.

My last year in the Army, I had a full bird colonel tell my leadership that if they could not produce a reason I was given extra duty for the prior year each and every week, there were going to be court martial charges. This was after I won the All-Army Ironman. He said if he did not see an offence recorded on the extra duty worksheet that was put there beforehand somebody was going to military prison. Instead my superiors told the colonel they would allow me to do whatever I wanted my last year in the Army, including transfer out of the unit if that is what I decided I wanted. It is and I left to move into another unit on the other side of the base for my last year. The colonel counted 48 extra duty rosters with an average of 20 soldiers on them each weekend as punishment for offences like missing formation, drunk on duty, reckless driving, selling ration cards to civilians. Going back 48 weeks from the week I won the All-Army Triathlon, the line beside my name on the extra duty roster was the only blank line on that list. The colonel told me in his office it made him sick to his stomach to flip through that roster and see that blank line on every single sheet.

The Neanderthal is born a righteous human being. After 38,000 years of crapping down on their slave caste they then proceed to heap this hideous slander on him and decide every one of these fake shootings will feature somebody with "Assbergers." You can imagine how stupid the people are who are involved they cannot even bother to research this subject. They went and picked the least likely people to commit a mass shooting out of the entire population.

Interesting fact ... despite many white nationalists claiming Ashkenazi must have high incidence of Neanderthal genes (the science says otherwise) they never tell you how many wallets were returned in Tel Aviv. Remember, this is an ethnic based state that should have the highest in-group amity and altruism of them all. The reason they don't report the results of the wallet test in Tel Aviv is that they never got a single wallet back there, with or without the money inside it. Ever. Here's another instance of Neanderthals being scapegoated. Our people return wallets to others with the money still inside. I've done it a half dozen times along with raw cash people walking in front of me have dropped. Nobody taught me to do that. It is the way that Neanderthals are. It's easy to see the difference. The Neanderthals are the good ones. Case closed. Before you claim your particular ethnic group was chosen by God as his special pets, first show me the statistics that demonstrate you are half as good as the worst Neanderthal. If you were Abraham's children you would do as Abraham did. Those who honor Abraham, him also will I honor, scripture said before Cyrus Scofield got paid to change the translation. If you're not as innately good as a Neanderthal it is because you are not innately good at all. Abraham would return the wallet with the money still in it because Abraham was beloved by God.


Sven Johnson said...

Every now and then one runs across a pure melonhead and it creeps a person out. It's almost as if they have a snake like ability to charm the sapien, but a thallish person can see right through them. You really opened up my eyes to this Tex.

Ron said...
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Texas Arcane said...

@Dan Crab

Do you have to constantly dump your junk science on this blog? That Ugyhur in the middle of those East Asians has more intact genome sets from Neanderthals that anyone else in China, as do the entire European population. All that horsecrap about "East Asians" having more Neanderthal genes. They mean more distributed haplotypes from archaics, but East Asians have very few intact genes from Neanderthals at all. Do you really believe that Neanderthals were heartless people who would eat dogs and beat children in the street? Are you that stupid? Tribal size was usually under sixty people, do you know how quickly a Neanderthal male or female who behaved like a psychotic would be ejected from that social clan? Or do you think you can afford to have psychotics who lack any empathy for animals or people watching your back at 300 degrees below zero? Would you leave your kids in the trust of those East Asians in the video back in the cave while you went out hunting? How absurd.

Listen, I see most of your science is derived from fantasy camp anthropology circa 1970's so I thought this might help to start bringing you up to speed on the year 2015:

Texas Arcane said...

@Dan Crab

Thought you might have trouble reading the entire article so printing the critical section here.

“While the genome-wide frequency of Neanderthal-like sites is approximately constant across all contemporary out-of-Africa populations, genes involved in lipid catabolism contain more than threefold excess of such sites in contemporary humans of European descent.”

"These sequences show signs of recent positive selection,” Khaitovich says. He found that the Neanderthal variants appear to be associated with changes in lipid concentration and the expression of metabolic enzymes in the brains of people of European origin. "We don't know what these lipid concentration changes do to the brain, but the fact that Neanderthal variants might have changed our brain composition has interesting implications," says Khaitovich.

In three African populations Neanderthal genes were vanishingly rare, and in the lipid processing area accounted for 2% of genes. Five European and three Asian populations had very similar rates of overall Neanderthal genes in the study – around 6% of those sampled, although more extensive studies have estimated 1-4%. However, in the lipid cluster this reached 20% for Europeans (and higher still for a sample from Spain, where Neanderthals are believe to have made their last stand) while being a third of that in the Japanese and northern and southern Chinese groups studied. The researchers note that large areas of the globe are missing from their study.

Stand by for racist groups claiming European superiority based on greater frequency of Neanderthal lipid processing genes, and DNA testing to find the most “pure bred” Neanderthal individuals.

Texas Arcane said...

@Dan Crab

You may not even understand it after reading it above so I will spell it out for you the way you have to do for severely autistic people sometimes :



Texas Arcane said...

@Dan Crab

If you read the article carefully, it now admits my theory first offered many years ago that the Neanderthal made his last stand on the Iberian Peninsula, three races of them fighting together ... Mousterian, Amud, Denisovian ... is widely accepted in the mainstream at this time. So remember I was only totally insane up until 2011 apparently when this gained acceptance. The idea has reached that stage Schopenhauer talked about where it is simply widely regarded as common sense and scientists feel it is so obvious it no longer merits discussion.

Chad Landgraf said...

--True neanderthal behaviour:

"Do not prosecute or plague monkey or any of his descendants. They were here first and are the original people of the Earth. The gods themselves protect monkey. Long after we are gone, they will endure, for it is only monkey and his children who can live in the cold."

- Shang Dynasty circa 1500 B.C.

Texas Arcane said...

@Dan Crab

You are now the last remaining man on the entire planet who believes he knows what Neanderthals looked like and he thinks they look like that rickets survivor who stood in the entrance of the British Natural History Museum. You are the very last. Lots of people would laugh at your notions of Neanderthals because it means you don't get outside much and have not read alternative news since 1978.

Texas Arcane said...

@Dan Crab

... and yes, I am absolutely certain you are severely retarded. I feel sorry for you and worry if I don't publish your autistic comments you may have nobody else in life who would. Every time I push "Publish" I think "I may have prevented Dan Crab from killing himself for one more day and that's got to provide some hope for another 24 hours to that severely retarded manchild. We may be his only outlet." It's usually something featuring a link to a picture of an orangutang with the comment, "Still proud of your Neanderthal heritage, Tex? Here's Neanderthal's closest living relative." Yes, Dan. Just keep typing and don't spend time practicing cutting vertical strips out of your arms in the bath with a razor blade.

Texas Arcane said...

@Dan Crab

So you're a metal recycler? Glamorous. I see those guys pushing wagons filled with junk on the highway sometimes. I always make a point of throwing a soda can at them so that's a couple more cents there. You really do have it going on, I can see that.

I thought you were severely retarded. Once I read that you have "an impressive life," I realised I was underestimating how retarded you are. That's the most retarded thing anyone has ever said on the internet. Was that a child sex tourism junket in Portugal? I'd rather be incarcerated in a Mexican prison than visit Portugal.

Texas Arcane said...

@Dan Crab

Second time you've made a direct personal threat against me and declared your intention to carry it out. Consider yourself lifetime banned. Don't ever return to this forum and anything you post here will get deleted. As I understand it this has already happened to you at a half a dozen other blogs. I got an email from a guy who told me you were so nuts he was thinking of blocking your IP address.

Texas Arcane said...

@Dan Crab

I did have a look at your link. Some self-published schizophrenic's screed. Looks like it sold at least one copy to somebody, probably your shrink so he will have a reference to present in court when they have you involuntarily committed. If you get lucky the court will also purchase one to add to your supporting paperwork when the nut wagon comes to pick you up. The problem now is getting PayPal to mail you a check when your home address is a padded cell.

Herman said...

I think he gets a kick out of bugging you.

Takuzdwa Aywok said...

Found a typical Neanderthal. An aspie

"Chris lived by the rhythms of the seasons, but his thoughts were dominated by surviving winter. Preparations began at the end of each summer as the lakeside cabins were shutting down for the year. "It was my busiest time," he said. "Harvest time. A very ancient instinct. Though not usually associated with crime.""

"The cold never got easier. All his winter-camping expertise felt offset by advancing age. "You should have seen me in my twenties," he boasted. "I was lord of the woods. I ruled the land I walked upon. I was tough and clever.""

"He explained about the lack of eye contact. "I’m not used to seeing people’s faces," he said. "There’s too much information there. Aren’t you aware of it? Too much, too fast.""!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/article_970/hermit-arrest.jpg

KW Jackson said...

He certainly bugged Tex enough to get kicked.

Sam said...

I'm not completely convinced that Tex is right on this. Here's an article on the same paper that says that the genes are not evenly distributed. "...Although Neanderthals are extinct, fragments of their genomes persist in modern humans. These shared regions are unevenly distributed across the genome and some regions are particularly enriched with Neanderthal variants. An international team of researchers led by Philipp Khaitovich of the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig, Germany, and the CAS-MPG Partner Institute for Computational Biology in Shanghai, China, show that DNA sequences shared between modern humans and Neanderthals are specifically enriched in genes involved in the metabolic breakdown of lipids. This sharing of genes is seen mainly in contemporary humans of European descent and may have given a selective advantage to the individuals with the Neanderthal variants..."

Now I know this can be interpreted exactly as Tex said but it could also be a big pile of lying poop.

Let me get my biases out in the open. I believe that the Jews ARE Neanderthals. That they have a very high ratio of Neanderthal in them. Why? Well they look exactly like them. Their faces and their body shape scream Neanderthal. With all the talk here about head shape used to recognize what the linage of a person is, wouldn't it be common sense to say that a people whose body AND face look like Neanderthals are Neanderthals?

Their hatred for "Sapiens" would be easily explainable if they were Neanderthals. They lost. The Jews say that they are the only humans and everything is owned by them. That would fit right in with a population that used to be the top dog.

There seems to be evidence that the Neanderthals were violent and aggressive. Ditto Jews. Tex says the Jews are a different Neanderthal than he is, mixed with Melonheads. Maybe, but there's less evidence for that than there is that the Jews are just a bunch of Neanderthals. Maybe this will change. Probably not as long as Jews run all the science magazines though. Gould spent a whole career spouting nonsense about the "Mismeasurement of Man" to dispute that head shape had anything to do with linage and intelligence. We KNOW he lied.

Sam said...


Is Philipp Khaitovich Jewish? I think so I see a lot of links discussing "Dr Paabo and his colleague Philipp Khaitovich". Here's some info on Dr Paabo from Michael Bradley.

"...On May 10, 2010 a Svante Paabo co-reseacher on the new study, Johannes Krause, said on the Mid-German TV Network that the people of the Middle East, the Semites, were at least from "10 to 20" percent Neanderthal. The Internet link to this interview on the Mid-German TV Network was deactivated on May 18, 2010.

This is precisely what I argued in The Iceman Inheritance (1978), Chosen People from the Caucasus (1992) and what Erik Trinkaus at least inferred in his The Neandertals of 1992. However, my own calculations indicate that some Middle East Semitic populations approach 50 percent Neanderthal and in some very specific small areas, 70 percent Neanderthal. Given the usually modest Semitic populations in mountain valleys and arid landscapes of the Caucasus Middle East, this sort of Neanderthal DNA concentration among some groups would not affect that "1 to 4 percent" (or, now "six percent") of the total world population very much..."

Could be that they are AVERAGING Neanderthal genes across all of Europe and not telling you the mass concentration in Jews. Michael Bradley's book says this and the Jews went ape and ruined him as they always do when they wish to hide something. Makes me even more inclined to believe he's right. If you read enough you soon learn to parse information like the Russians did to Pravda in the former Soviet Union. Our press is a huge bunch of liars but you can sometimes get the truth from what they DON'T want you to know as well as from what they push you should know.

Another link on this.

I don't know what the real answer is but right now my money would be on the Jews are Neanderthals. They are also a tribe of psychopaths. Not all and maybe not the majority but a lot of them are psychopaths.

Ave said...


Looks like the future of mankind.

Texas Arcane said...


I honestly think the reason Jews spend so much time burying this connection is that they think it is true. They also spend millions and lots of effort suppressing all Khazar history. In public they deny both.

As I have said so many times, there were four species of Neanderthals and two of them had greater distance between them and Mousterians than Homo Sapiens does with Mousterians. So at least two species of Neanderthals are farther away from both Mousterians and Sapiens than they are from one another.

As I have also said before, I believe that the royal guard has interbred heavily with the royal family since the great slave revolts in Sumeria and Akkadia. The result is a new hybridised lineage that combines both.

I have confidence I will see this demonstrated by genetic science during my lifetime. If Jews had their way nobody would ever hear about any of it.

"Jewish" people are not Hebrews. Hebrews are not Ashkenazi. Ashkenazi are not children of Abraham.

By the same token, the people that Jews call Edomites or offspring of Esau are not who they think they are. They would better be called the children of Abel.

Texas Arcane said...


I cannot believe somebody who had been practicing obstructionism and obfuscation for twenty years like Dr. Paabo is still referred to by the mainstream press. To say he has been implicated in frauds is an understatement.

Texas Arcane said...


... just so you know, Sam, I read Bradley and every scrap I could get of these ideas back in the 90's. I read them for hours and hours and hours and hours. I read all three of his books and I thought he had an axe to grind. He is in fact a Jew out to paint a simple series of stories most could understand.

By 2005 I had begun to reject these ideas because they were clearly too simplistic to explain the phenomenon. I knew that melonheads did not acquire those abilities trading camels in the desert. No way. You should know that a lot of this stuff aimed at White Nationalists is reduced to cartoons because that's all they can handle. Real complexity is tough for them. Notice how white nationalists with all their theories on this subject, never saw the melonhead in history. That's because they weren't looking, having put together a religion they think has already answered all questions. It doesn't. It is no different from theology in that pretty soon they find themselves ignoring more information than they accept because it will break the theory.

Sam said...

I'm not saying your wrong but I can only work with what I have. The info I have, other than your statements to the contrary, combined with the obvious visual correspondence of the Jews to Neanderthals tells me they are Neanderthals. I believe that you would admit that the scenario you write about has fragmentary evidence. If you wish to call me stupid because I don't see it coming together as you do, oh well. I don't believe much of anything people stipulate I should believe. Even you. Maybe I will see it later after further study.

You are mistaken to think that I'm evil or hate you or opposed to you just because I don't always see things as you do. Some things you say are right on and some are way out there. When you say things that are way out there it takes more explaining before I consider it factual.

I know Bradley is part Jew. Many times people who are part Jew tend to tell the truth about Jews. They seem to inherit some of the brains without the psychopathy and they're offended by the Jews even worse than the rest of us.

There's not enough data on the Melonheads. Obviously because someone wants little to be known about them.

Other interesting info is where did the Gauchos in the Canary Islands come from? I believe in a general way that there used to be an Atlantis at the mid-Atlantic ridge and it sunk at the end of the Ice Age. Maybe that's where the Cro-Mags came from as the Gauchos look similar. Maybe they were the ones left from Alantis.

Texas Arcane said...


A really good way to liberate your mind from these stale ideas is to simply turn on the television to a talking head channel while looking away from the screen. Before you turn your head ask yourself is the person you are about to see sporting a head that has a bizarrely high forehead and what is obviously a much larger skullcase that is faintly oblong? IF so, ask yourself, do you believe Neanderthals had these peculiar melon-shaped heads? Or ask yourself, is it possible what you are seeing is a Neanderthal which is hybridized with some other race, that race being VERY IMPORTANT to understanding the real story of mankind? In fact, if you think you are looking at what is only one of the races of Neanderthal (there are now four very distinct types identified, unknown to the average man) then ask yourself how did it get these other peculiar features which are apparently mixed with this other mystery race? The Hyksos, Scythians, Turkish Mongols and Khazars are the product of this interbreeding. Now you've gone from cartoon ideas to much more sophisticated insight into what is happening.

Texas Arcane said...


I just did this experiment and Charle Krauthammer was yammering on Fox as usual about how all slaves should be sent to war to die.

This guy didn't get that skull from camel herders in the desert. No way. That guy is somehow related to pharaonic lines and royalty from the ancient past. Since Krauthammer seems to have no precedents as a family name I would bet that it was changed from what was a Sumerian/Akkadian variant that could be traced to the Sargons even as late as the Khazar conversions. I think I can guess where Krauthammer got that melon shaped head from.

Texas Arcane said...

@Dan Crab

Your IP and ID now marked as Spam.

Sam said...

I can sure see it in Larry King. A lot of the Jews I'm talking about are the ones like the JDL guy who got caught killing some one. Kissinger. Thuggish looking Jews. True the ones at the top look more like what you're saying.

Texas Arcane said...


Would you believe me if I told you I know exactly what you are talking about?

If you thought this was just some sort of Neanderthal descendant, I mean it when I say I think you would be missing the other 90% of the story.

The truth about real life is that it is complex. Usually much more complex than most people could handle. For example, what is the real story behind the Basque? Where did they really come from and how did they end up where they are now? Why were they permitted to live when it seems Neanderthals were exterminated everywhere else? I don't know because I don't have divine insight. I don't have any special knowledge that allows me to look into the past. Everything I do is just really good guessing. I can't pretend to know everything and never will, I guarantee you I know a million times more than all the idiots you see on public television because anything is better than nothing.

Lately I have been wondering about a certain idea ... for years I have never talked about.

Was there a city Neanderthal and a rural Neanderthal who grew apart over many hundreds of thousands of years? Did they change eventually into two different incompatible species but still interbred at times? Exactly like the murderous tensions that exist to this day between the sophisticates in the city and the people who live in the country. Was the city Neanderthal the monolithic builder that eventually became the melon head, meanwhile the rural Neanderthals lived in the high mountain regions and were despised for it the same way the city despises the country and vilifies it to this day.

This would explain a great deal. Again, it is only a theory. It would explain a lot. The city Neanderthal growing more and more evil while his counterpart in the rural areas remaining largely unchanged. Eventually, regarded as innately inferior by the pharaonic class that emerged.

This explains why Melonheads and Neanderthals both often had red hair. This explains many, many things.

Real life is a million times more complex and there are some details that modern people will never know.