Monday, October 19, 2015

Media Tries To Give A Warning At The Last Minute

Too late. Twenty years of building wind turbines for global warming has left Britain a sacrificial lamb in the coming Ice Age. The bodies of Britons will be piled twenty stories high in the streets and it will be babies, the other white meat. The only thing that could have saved Britain was a nationwide switch to nuclear power starting in the 1980's. This was Thatcher's idea but the dismal tide stopped her cold.

The fuel oil deliveries for heating homes has become the de facto standard even as local councils outlawed fireplaces in British flats after 300 years of being the norm. The fuel oil is delivered by trucks, not rails and when the roads shut down those pensioners are going to freeze by the boatload. That should save a lot of money for the ailing socialist health care system.

When you choose fools for your leaders you get foolish leadership. Nobody to blame but themselves. Decades of socialism have made certain all elections are won by knaves promising freebies, not the kind of intelligent visionaries who prepare their own populations for the future.

Don't imagine for one second the secret government has not known all along. This report was supposed to be upper echelon eyes only originally and it got leaked.


Lucid Globalwarning said...

Here I was thinking that you rejected the climate change dogma.

bicebicebice said...

Texas Arcane said...

@Lucid Globalwarning

I don't accept or reject any dogma. I only care what my mind is telling me in tandem with my senses and observation. Looking at photos of the Sun reveals it no longer has sunspots and appears to have gone cold. Did you read the article or just skim it? We have been saying this exact same thing on Vault-Co for fifteen years without a single change in our narrative. That kind of consistency only emerges when you have no respect for the opinions of men altogether. When I sought a way to explain the various phenomena I was seeing in the world, I found a book called ICE AGE NOW by Robert Felix which was the first and the last book I have ever read which explained all these things within the context of a theory that was backed by the science and historical records going back more than 100,000 years. Felix predicted the black layer of diamonds in the geological record BEFORE it was actually discovered. As far as I am concerned the majority of people who think they are qualified in this field are nothing but apes who can walk on their hind legs compared to Felix. I respect his work above all others for the fact he proved the scientific method.

1. He suggested a theory. It was compelling before absolute proof appeared.
2. The hypothesis explained the observable facts and the historical record.
3. Shortly thereafter the theory predicted geological discoveries before they actually happened. They happened, confirming the hypothesis.

That's science. Not dogma.

Global warming was predicting at the same time I was reading Robert Felix's book that we had seen the last snowfall of our lives.

This is why globalwarming and its wacky adherents have become virtually invisible to me. I can no longer even see them because they are so utterly irrelevant to anything. The same way you would get used to lunatics permitted to wander around the commons. I no longer pay any attention to anything from them because I understand them to be wholly mad and useless for comprehending anything that happens around us.

Ali Artail said...

Tex, that last paragraph of yours applies to more folk than just warm globe confabulists. Add to it the medical establishment, anybody who takes TV seriously, and feminists.

Ryan David G said...

I lived in the UK for more than ten years but never saw anyone heating their homes with fuel oil. Perhaps farmhouses in rural areas do, but every home I saw used (piped) gas.

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