Thursday, October 8, 2015

Kiss Your Ass Goodbye Towelheads

You're about to see what real war looks like. Your minivans and new Toyota trucks paid for by the American taxpayer will not protect you from this crew. 

I trained OPFOR. I developed the deepest respect for Russian Special Forces. These guys are all ultimate badasses beyond imagination. Every single one of them. The Russians don't send pudgy women into this corps. They only send fully qualified supermen. These guys can swim in from the deep ocean a couple miles, sneak up the beach, run 30 miles through the desert and arrive just before sundown to kill the living sh*t out of you. I wanted to be Spetnatz when I was in OPFOR. It was the best part of my military service. I imagined what it would be like to be a real soldier in a professional army like Spetznatz instead of cleaning toilets and spraying boot black on engines to conceal the fact they had not worked in years. I knew Spetznatz was a meritocracy and would never be a waste of time giving everything I had to pass through the training and graduate. I was talking with a Russian accent for months until I got discharged and sometimes even after I got out. I had read a lot about the leaping takedowns of Sentries. The goal is basically to fly in and crush the guy and kill him at the same time so by the time he hits the ground he's got a blade all the way through him and you can still smother him if you need to. I saw Russian training films of them demonstrating this technique. It is incredible.

Which of these two military forces do you think a person should take seriously :



(Feeble metrosexual graduates of West Point forced to walk around in high heels as
punishment for being born XY chromosome.)

Spetznatz cadet shows off child's trick he learned in basic training - leaping 12 feet into the air over barbed wire doing a backflip and throwing a hatchet between a man's eyes from an upside down position. I can't wait until the new female candidates for combat duty in the Kwanstain are doing this same trick just to amuse themselves. All they should have to do to qualify is two similar stunts followed by sixty pushups and they're in. I would not hold my breath.

Imagine being told to walk a patrol in front of a roadway and stop all vehicles at the fence line. Suddenly a guy runs towards you, leaps over the fence and throws a hatchet at your eyes. You would just have time to think "That's the most incredible sh*t I have ever seen."

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cbenediccengi said...

'male privilege' in the US Navy. Admiral Chester Nimitz roles in his grave.

meanwhile in Russia,