Thursday, October 8, 2015

I Just Link To This Stuff

MSM broadcasts Sandy Hook footage in place of Oregon "shooting" and pretends it is a live feed from Oregon.

I don't make this stuff up. I just provide links through to it and sometimes commentary.

If you think your viewers are really stupid, it is easier to just recycle footage and put a new caption on it. Minimal effort and no need to even move from the editing desk.

Nobody at PRAVDA under Stalin tried this stuff. They knew people weren't stupid enough. They would not think to try it.


Askari Rey said...

When I see footage like this my instinct is to forward it everyone I know. Then, I remember that such a thing would be pointless. If a person has made it to their late 20's, and they haven't felt it necessary to search out alternative news sources I don't think they will ever pull their heads out of the clouds.

I think most people don't seek the truth because they LIKE the house of lies that they live in. I reminds me of your story about being harassed by your teachers as a child, Tex. Most people don't think like you, so they did not have the negative experiences that you did. A lot of people enjoyed the influence of their manboon authority figures because they were little manboons themselves. Most people don't want things to change. Most people like things as they are.

"Manboons will never be free."

I know a lot of manboons, so I know that they don't want to be free. They find their shackles to be quite comfortable.

It doesn't matter how transparent the corporate media becomes. Successful rebellion will not happen. It would be like a herd of cattle bringing charges against Mr. Slaughter House by virtue of finally realizing they are walking cheeseburgers. Never gonna happen.

HalibetLector said...

Successful rebellion will not happen.

And yet, they're dangerously close to exactly that throughout Europe. I wonder if that's because the europeans aren't as easily controlled through consumer activities as Americans are. Their national cultures inoculate them from certain products designed to stimulate dopamine to the point of hopeless addiction. The biggest ones that seem to be a big problem in the US that aren't in Europe are food additives and smartphones.

Aeoli Pera said...

The Monster Control Bureau must not have had much time to cover this one up. My money's on a shoggoth attack, or maybe leprechauns.

Ave said...

@ Halibet

Absolutely ! To seize power nowadays would mean continue to find enough ressources for everybody to remain happy - after all, you expect MORE from a revolutionary government, not less...

This is why :
a. true change is not going to happen, all rebels (like Syriza in Greece) are just paid actors
b. in the past, situations like these always led to a collapse, generally a terminal one. This time, it's the first time it's going simultaneously global.

Would you like to know more ?

cbenediccengi said...


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bicebicebice said...

Ave said...


When people speak about Germany, they have in mind the powerful visions of the Romantic Era (19th century).

Hitler just recycled this with his Bernays-inspired marketing, exactly like the ads for mass-produced industrial food show old rural kitchen of yesteryear.

In the interwar yeas, the Reichswehr found out the Germans had already become too soulless, due to the urban and industrial lifestyle. Nazi Germany was not the heroic advertisement some still believe in, it was a pre-GDR state of human zeros denouncing each other to the Gestapo, like helpless children.

The Cultlural Wars of the 60's in the Western Hemisphere were just a gentle push in the wrong direction, but the society had already become too dysfunctional from ubran living, mass housing and mass-media, in the Roaring Twenties already.