Sunday, October 4, 2015

Global Warmthinkists Stink At Math and Science

Former government climate modeler with six degrees in applied mathematics and a history of accuracy has examined globowarmthinkery math and discovered it is full of simple errors that would normally cause a high school teenager to flunk the course.

Our own math is less than optimum but our intuition is superb - we published the same conclusion on Vault-Co more than ten years ago about albedo modulation by cloud cover of the Sun's energy being the number one cause of climate change on this planet. Since cloud cover is primarily a function of increases or decreases in cosmic radiation (including that of the Sun) the causes of changes in climate lie entirely outside of man's current capacity to control altogether. Mankind is only along for the ride.


Ave said...

I love how the article's pictures first shows two women, more or less the same type, one being the journalist and the other being the guy's wife. The journalist's picture makes you think she's the professor.

The guy is almost a sideshow in an article about him.

Grogard said...

Well he is a white rednecky person so his degrees don't count.