Saturday, October 17, 2015

Darwinism Begins Remedial Program To Rewind Holocene Errors

Keep building those wind turbines! We gotta stop that rising heat wave! Gonnagetcha saps!!

That heat is coming to getcha Saps! Throw away all your winter gear and tear out that fireplace, you'll need the storage space for your sunblock and carbon credits! Comin' ta getcha Saps!

Listen to yer kin, Saps! There's nothing to worry about, the Sun is not even important to climate on this planet! Ya need 'ta listen to the "experts!" Who you gonna trust, your own senses or the power of edjamafacashun?

Homo Sapiens, the only hominid who ever existed who thinks he can outvote reality.

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Grogard said...

We'll see how many countries take in european refugees when ice age comes. I'm betting zero.

John Casey looks a lot like like HP Lovecraft. My paternal grandfather looked just like HP lovecraft but with very deep eyesockets.