Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Crisis Actors Used In Psyops Cointel Against Trump

Pretends to be audience member, launches into crazed social justice warrior screed against Trump for being male and existing.

Hired by Jeb Bush, who must know at this stage he has less chance of being President than Obama's dog Sunny.

Poor Jeb opens his mouth and half the audience falls asleep. The other half know what this guy and his brother have been doing the past fifty years, at least a fraction of what they have been doing. Barry Seal could tell you a lot about how these guys made their money. It wasn't hard work, you can bet on that. Hard work is what you tell the saps, suckers and rubes out there when you count your dough in front of them.


FrankNorman said...

Tex, look at this picture - what jumps out at you, right away?

Oddly, in the other photos I can find online of Jeb, it's nowhere so obvious.

Here's the family:
Funny how in plain sight some things are once one knows to look.

Jebediah Kerman said...
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Aeoli Pera said...

Hard work is what you tell the saps, suckers and rubes out there when you count your dough in front of them.

Does that come before or after the anecdote about John Adams and ditching school? I get confused sometimes.

Well the important thing is to remember that the people on top got there because they're intrinsically better people than I am.

Ave said...


(This Island Earth, 1955)

Texas Arcane said...

@Aeoli Pera

You have got it exactly right.

Notice how your real world accomplishments mean nothing beside their own fake accomplishments fueled by cocaine money.

So you could actually be the person they pretend to be and have shown the self-discipline and hardwork they only claim for themselves but if you're only a regular person and not a billionaire, they are so much infinitely better than you that you cannot even dream of achieving their "god-like" qualities but merely be left wondering how come it seems like you did the very things they claimed led to their success.

The sociopath is never happy to merely succeed. Others must fail and they must be made to feel as if they have failed.

In the 1950's before they shot Kennedy the United States was far more inclusive than now. People expressed real respect for all working people who showed up to day jobs. There was a feeling of solidarity with the middle class and this included railroad porters, elevator operators and short order cooks. The general sentiment was these people were more than pulling their weight by showing up each day to work and putting their heart into it. This kind of culture is fantastically stable.

Sociopaths cannot stand the idea that any man may be as good or better than they are even if he isn't a billionaire. They hate that notion. Too much of that and pretty soon you'd be judging people on many other standards they can't meet. They just wave the fistful of criminal money they have and insist this proves they are the bestest.

cbenediccengi said...

im thirty years old. When I was a kid all the old folks literally lived like this. Their houses were modest, but tidy and well maintained. They were proud of what they had. Everyone had a garden, a root cellar and preserved vegetables. Everyone had guns. Homos and pedos were considered one and the same. My grandparents were frugal and could account for every single penny they had/spent; but they weren't cheap, they bought quality. The men were men, women were women. Everybody seemed reasonably content. You could feel the harmony between the masculine and feminine energies. My Nan kissed my booboos and my Gramps wouldn't allow pussy behaviour. My generation is summed up in one word: Tinder.