Friday, October 16, 2015

Cowardly Trannies Slink From The Gulf

If you need civilians killed or urban regions carpet bombed, the U.S. is the Army to do it.

In any sort of real conflict, they will run.

I've been saying on this site for the past fifteen years that if the U.S. ever went up against Russia, they'd lose big-time. It would appear they are well aware of it.

The instant they lit the White House up with that rainbow they lost the respect of the entire planet. People are just not scared of the U.S. and under Obama's leadership they have become an international joke.

I have also said on this site many times over the years that World War III will result from the United States desperately trying to maintain and project military force when it is a capacity they have already lost irrevocably. Desperation leads to failed strategies and poor decisions that in turn cause escalation. Never let'em see you sweat because that's when they will realise not only are you human but you can be beaten. Every boxer has that moment when competitors start to understand that this guy is over his prime and is ripe to be taken down. The analogy breaks down here when you realise this isn't a boxing match, it's a nuclear war.

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