Thursday, October 1, 2015

Burst Out Laughing At This Crap

I could tell this was a ridiculous, IDIOCRACY level hoax the first page I clicked on about the story.


They're not even trying. These photos look so ridiculous staged and poorly executed you can see at once it is a crisis drill with amateurs. I am serious, it is that obvious that this isn't real. They are getting worse to the point where you cannot take anything in the media seriously. It has become impossible to tell the propaganda and cointel from any real news.

Another day, another fake shooting atrocity hoax! Call me back when the official story is that he was making Jews stand up so he could shoot them. I won't be holding my breath for that staged event because you will never see it. Notice all these fake shooters tick off each of the Administration's talking points for political ideologies to support whatever fraud cause they are shilling for this week.

First thing they do at these crisis drills is pass out free complementary water bottles so nobody gets dehydrated. On this page they show you the actors feigning shock and grief still can't be bothered to put down the bottles or open their handset cell phones to pretend to talk on them. This garbage gets more absurd by the minute. They must have scheduled these in advance when Obama took office because they show increasing evidence of lower and lower quality as if even the participants are too bored to exert themselves for authenticity. Terribly inept this latest one, the photos scream out crisis actors without tears doing very poor jobs.


Ron said...

This is one of the few things you talk about that I don't agree on. It's trivial for these situations to get set up with a real gunman firing real bullets killing real people. There is no reason why anyone would need to use actors instead of creating fresh corpses. These "people" have zero conscience. They are insane and evil. Human sacrifice is a routine matter for them.

I think you are in terrible error on this one.

Texas Arcane said...


Saw some more detail and photos.

Biggest fake of all the false flag staged shooting drills yet. These people are not even trying anymore.

It was so fake and so obviously amateur actors that I don't even think the people involved are proud of the result. It's terribly fake.

Nobody has seen any blood, tears or bodies. Eyewitnesses said they never even heard shots fired and saw no bodies coming out of the building. They said police packed up and left after a short speech. Ridiculous.

Grogard said...

Black jewish gay nazi killing christians? A bizarre story that's hard to believe.

I guess if it's fake they think this will scare whites into worrying about black people going nuts and killing whites/christians?

Can't think of a much better argument to have a gun than that. That happens constantly already it just doesn't get media attention.

styrac1 said...

Funniest thing I've seen in while

Media people are automatons who cannot think beyond their scripted speech and questions.