Saturday, October 3, 2015

Australia Surrendered Long Ago

Assange asserts that Australia is nothing but a for-profit colony of the United States

This has been understood by anyone with an IQ above room temperature for many years. The CIA runs Australia as a Gurkha reserve for its wars and sees to it our resources are tapped off by other people without increasing our own wealth. You can have national sovereignty or you can be another nation's bitch. Australia made its choice a long time ago. They surrendered to "vice regal" powers.


styrac1 said...

It also serves as a radioactive dumping ground for the first Chinese missiles, just like Japan. Same function Europe serves for Russian ones, to give the US time to prepare a response.

styrac1 said...

A true psychopath

dublinsmick said...

Except for the fact that is also is owned by the London Crown Temple overseen by the vatican and that includes Canada, Australia, US, New Zealand, the Falklands etc etc.

dublinsmick said...

Hillary is such a sweetheart.