Friday, October 23, 2015

A Nation Can Never Be Better Than The People Who Live In It

Take a good look at this. This is why I dropped out of college right here.
Improvamentation and improvamentors.

There's no workaround for having idiots like these permitted to vote. There is no workaround.

If you've never visited Australia, I can tell you exactly what it is like as if you've lived there for decades.

Imagine 23 million people exactly like this woman. You've got it. That's why I know things will never improve here, only get worse with time.


styrac1 said...

Check her out, she's awesome. Didn't believe women like her even existed in the Kwanstain anymore. Can we have her instead of Hillary? I'm shocked she is even allowed air time in the MSM. She totally owned this AIPAC a-hole.

dé bile said...

This is why I dropped out of college right here.

Off topic but that explains the whole sir tech thing no? They hired you for a few dollars because you were underqualified?

styrac1 said...

Staging constitutional coups, the only way to keep the EU regime intact now

Sir Sweetstick said...

Were you taking Women's Studies Classes?

Texas Arcane said...


Psychology. Female teacher blew apart when I timidly suggested women were better caregivers for children because of their hormonal system. This was before they discovered oxytocin (women 6x as much as men) and I was thrown out of class and threatened with expulsion if I did not go to gender sensitivity training classes. I refused, walked off campus, never went back. The dean was kind of laughing it off but said I had to go to these classes if I wanted to be permitted to return to class. I decided that was enough.

dé bile said...

Thought you tried majoring in IT. You went into social sciences first?

Why would anyone sane even think it's a good idea