Thursday, October 1, 2015

4th Generation ICBMs

These missiles travel so quickly that any other strategy than shelter-in-situ is utterly impractical. Planning to migrate to a bugout location for an hour in the mountains is ridiculous. You'd never make it. There is only one answer and it is a vault.

Kind of amazed to see these in the mainstream media, I thought they were forbidden to speak of or report on. They are commonplace military technology now. The 3rd World War will be conducted with hypersonic nuclear cruise missiles that can hit a dime from anywhere on the planet to anywhere on the planet.


MycroftJones said...

Tex, have you looked into Bruce Cathey's work? He allegedly predicted times and places of nuclear tests. He did this based on a ley line type theory that nuclear explosions are only possible at certain times. The thrust of his work is that nuclear bombs are a non-issue.

KW Jackson said...

Have you seen Raeto West's (PET CBM programming author, IINM) site
What are your thoughts?

cbenediccengi said...

Grogard said...

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