Thursday, September 10, 2015

Windows 10 "Upgrade" Not Optional?!?

FRAUD!!! Show me in my license for Windows 7 where I agreed to replace the operating system I bought with another version installed remotely by Microsoft?!?!? I never agreed to this!!! 

Scumbags lost my business for life over this. I swear I am going to move to OSX and Linux in the future and get away from Microsoft permanently except for legacy embedded software.

FRAUD!! FRAUD!! FRAUD!! FRAUD!! Microsoft is sabotaging their own paid software!!!!

I am going to have to go through again and make sure this garbage is uninstalled after which I will turn off all Windows Updates permanently for Windows 7. Dirty ratbags blew it this time. I've taken a lot of crap from Microsoft over the past 25 years but this is it, they're done.


Grogard said...

Apple is even worse than M$ unfortunately. Maybe some old and less retardified version of linux or BSD is better.

Ron said...

Well.. Yeah.

Russell (106) said...

Apple under Jobs was a shining star of awesome mixed with some stupid.

Under Cook it's middle-aged stupid mixed with a social justice agenda.

Which is too bad, since I love my MacBook Air and wanted to stick with their hardware.

HalibetLector said...

I believe I said it here in an earlier post, but every OS is a big steaming pile of shit. There are no good choices these days. Even Ubuntu has spyware installed in it by default.

One theory I have on why this is: OSs aren't profitable anymore. And if they aren't profitable, that means they have to profit from them in any way they can. And that means data collection, which in turn means the government gets a backdoor. I wonder if M$ has the temerity to charge the government for the data it uses? Do they have a $3/MB rate plan?

.roca said...

Just checked my last update, July 2014.

The Lab Manager said...

Several years ago, there were a number of different OS's being worked on by hobbyist. I was really hoping one of those would have taken off as well for some real competition. Plan9, BeOS, SkyOS, Menuet and some others that people posted.

I guess BeOS was the only one that made it to market and that did not last too long.

I'm not a programmer but I would install some of these on an old system I had just to see what they were about.

KW Jackson said...

Haven't tried it but some of you may want to.