Monday, September 21, 2015

Vastly Improved DIY Geophone Sensors

This is a link to a .PDF file with a field tested, verified design using any old magnetic speaker.

A couple years back we linked to a design using the same principle but much cruder than this and without any sensitivity testing by the author.

One of these mounted with a solar panel to power it and a fiber optic connection would make for a brilliant EMP proof intrusion sensor on your grounds. In addition you could use it to monitor ground shock of any kind.

I purchased no less than four PC/104 boards with 42 pin digital switches for the purpose of building grids of these sensors that can actually locate an intruder precisely using triangulation between posts. My ambition was to build a detection grid for Vault-OS that nothing anywhere could ever penetrate unless it could float without touching the ground. I did some crude experiments with these up in Queensland but I was hoping for a better geosensor design and here it is.

The great thing about this design is maintainability. You may not be able to replace an expensive custom geophone sensor after the apocalypse but you can always find an old speaker for certain no matter how many you need to fix.


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