Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Underwater Volcanism Confirmed

When does Robert Felix get his Nobel prize? I want to book a flight for the awards ceremony.

It is suboceanic heating, not heat from the surface (there isn't any) that you should be worried about.

Neanderthals are going to look back at this flash-in-the-pan 38,000 year grasshopper Holocene season someday and they will all laugh at how ridiculous it is. The era of the savage manboons when the Saps beast believed he had genocided the entire race and gangraped their women will just be a distant memory of a brief period when Neanderthals were not the natural inheritors of the planet. "They thought they had destroyed us but we merely hitched a ride on their genome for a while. When the cold came back they all perished very quickly because their fundamental impulse was to fight with one another instead of loving and cherishing each other and working together to survive. The snow covered them and all their battlefields, including the nuclear ones ... and they just ceased to be. Neanderthals were as resilient and hardy as ever and as they often do, simply filled in the absence of their inhabitations. The thing about our kind is that we tend to make it all look so easy. Turns out surviving at 300 degrees below zero takes a lot of brains, honesty, good character, conscientiousness, attention to detail and determination. Homo Sapiens failed that test miserably."


bicebicebice said...

Dan Crab said...

Neanderthals stabbed their own women in the head

Texas Arcane said...

@Dan Crab

Why waste my time with this bulls*t? That's the worst slander yet. They thought the Shanidar find was killed by his own kind originally, they claimed.

They admit in the article the evidence is so small for intertribal violence of any kind that it is almost negligible. If you belong to a species which literally walks on deep mounds of the bones of its own undisputed murder victims, should you be slandering a people like the Neanderthals because you found a woman with a puncture wound in her head and decided to turn it into a gay murder mystery? More Bullsh*t scienmagistics. Checks in the mail, bro.

Wait, now we figured out who is responsible for the MILLIONS of skulls of Homo Sapiens females who clearly died violently at the hands of their own males! THE NEANDERTHALS DID IT!