Thursday, September 17, 2015

Trump Claims Bears Pee In The Woods, Corrected By Ben Carson With Usual Rambling Cliched Ambiguous Ad Hominem Drivel

Neither of them mentioned that the vaccination is a trillion dollar growth industry which shows no signs of ever tailoring the schedule or reducing the number of vaccines children get. It is about money and if they get their way they will be giving hundreds in the first trimester before the child is even born and thousands if the child makes it to the age of ten. It is about money first. That's the main concern. Given a trillion dollars you could discredit anything. People could claim the Sun rises in the East and you could get a million scientists to verify it actually rises in the West and that it is a popular misconception that it rises in the East in the morning.

Remember owing to an act of Congress no vaccine manufacturer can be sued. If they wanted to inject kids with cyanide and make it mandatory there's nothing you could legally do about it. If you really believe that any human institution can be given that kind of power you probably deserve what happens to you but your children still deserve to decide such things for themselves. If you think it is okay that strangers can force you to stick needles into your babies without any right of refusal you don't deserve any freedoms.


Edward said...

I blame Edward Bernays for that situation, he set the ball rolling by setting up all those oh so I mpressive sounding fake associations of scientists that are nothing but corporate shills.
It started with cigarettes but it will never end as there are so many layers of coverups over coverups that no one has the faintest idea what is even real any more.

Grogard said...

What do your fancy degrees matter when you have 110 IQ?