Thursday, September 17, 2015

The Power of Scienmagistical Analysis

The killer had a special gun that drew no blood, had no shell casings and doesn't hit the victim until about four seconds after it has been fired from two meters away. Funny how I once saw a 350 pound black man knocked through a wooden fence by the impact of a .44 but this super bitch doesn't even flinch when hit by a supposed hollowpoint at two meters and doesn't appear to even bleed then she proceeds to take off running. I can't believe the "killer" could actually kill this superhuman invulnerable journalist woman. We really could have used her in the first Gulf War, I am sure she could have fought the entire campaign by herself singlehandedly with all her superpowers.


Luke said...

Lol you conspiracy theorist you. Do you really think our benevolent leaders would orchestrate something like this? You probably are paranoid, maybe you should see a psychiatrist. :)

Melonhead said...

A .44 hollowpoint from 3-5 yards away would have put visible entrance and exit wounds in her body. Simple as that. And, for being such a well-loved student news editor, she doesn't have much searchable content at


OT Prediction: Normalization of relations with Sudan / regime change in Sudan will be a talking point in the Presidential elections next Sept.-ish.

Everybody read in social media about the "wrongly" arrested immigrant kid Ahmed who made a clock.

And everybody either felt shame for their anti-immigrant sentiments or vindication in their pro-immigration beliefs

But, really, the Obama-machine played America.

Ahmed is going for a visit to the White House, which seems weird out of context. But, Obama just does weird things, right? Right??


Ahmed isn't some random innocent kid

His Dad immigrated to Texas, but still returns to Sudan occasionally to run for president. Which means he isn't an immigrant - he's a politician in exile.

And, Ahmed is a minor, so his folks are going to the White House too.

Which means that this is a politcal meeting by another name.

And since Ahmed's dad helped Obama with his immigration policy problems, we can expect the State Department to help Ahmed's dad with his elections in Sudan.

Which would lead to normalization of relations b/n the US and Sudan.



Can't wait for VaultOS!

Luke said...

But seriously that video is f'in ridiculous. It just goes to show how astoundingly stupid and gullible the average person is.

His Majesty said...

Sorry, they lost me when they got to Hitler.