Friday, September 11, 2015

Steve Jobs Is Dead

Reality is not egalitarian.

There is no such thing as excellence contained within a brand. There is only excellence in individuals. What's in a name? Apple was only Apple because Steve Jobs came back after being thrown out of his own company. As long as he was back, Apple was Apple. Now Apple is just a name.

The scatterbrained clowns who took over at Apple have their heads so far up their asses they can't see daylight. Focused on everything except their jobs.


Grogard said...

Apple was always more of a DRM machine manufacturer than a computer company even before he died. He was not a good guy at all, he was just much more competent at being evil than the imbeciles who followed him.

Good being taken over by evil is the typical for corporations. Ford, Disney, the list goes on and on. Unfortunately these guys can't live forever or America would be a lot different today.

The Lab Manager said...

This idiocy is everywhere:

"Until July at the earliest, the foundation behind the GNOME desktop environment will be freezing all expenditure deemed not essential to its running will be frozen, as the foundation has run out of cash reserves.

"The issue has been caused by a number of factors," wrote GNOME Foundation board member, Ekaterina Gerasimova in a post to the foundation's mailing list.

"These include increased administrative overheads in the last few years due to the increased turnover which has been caused by to the Outreach Program for Women, and the associated payments going out while the associated income has been slow to come in."

Sam said...

Jobs was smart to make the iphone but his real brilliance was to channel the software profits through his hands to get a little piece of each sell. Every developer has to pay Apple a little slice of the pie.