Sunday, September 20, 2015

Snowden is a Government Plant

Misdirection. This is what they teach them in cointel. Always try to direct people's attention to some straw man that is completely off-topic.

We hear that Snowden is sitting on top of this volcanic white-hot caldera of State secrets and yet whenever he speaks we get this pedestrian, boring orthodoxy gibberish you can find anywhere in popular culture. Same for WikiLinks. You'll notice one nation is always left out of WikiLeaks no matter how much corruption they claim to be exposing. One nation is beyond reproach and nobody there has ever done anything evil, you see. That's why it is not mentioned by WikiLeaks.

For example, we have coordinated legislation in three different Western nations supposedly "self-governed" in an attempt to make vaccinations mandatory in addition to absolving vaccine companies from all liabilities. Ever hear any background on stuff like this coming from Snowden or WikiLeaks? Of course not, they are manufactured opposition. You can guess what is important by watching to see what they avoid ever discussing.


Dan Crab said...

I always thought that Snowden's little "escape" from the authorities who were "chasing" him around the world was a little fishy. If Snowden was for real, the CIA would have secretly assassinated him from afar with one of their snipers just like they did with Nemtsov. Snowden should really be dead by now but instead he is living in an "undisclosed location". They had so many chances yet this one guy who shows his own face and reveals his nation of residence is somehow still alive. The only person who would honestly believe this story is an american.

Mike @ SATEX said...

The urge to be part of the 'opposition' is being used to addict people who follow Snowden, Assange and "Anonymous", getting them to fall for the misdirection you mention. Another behavior I've always found puzzling is the breathless press releases trumpeting the MASSIVE Revelation Real-Soon-Now! If the objective is to *harm the enemy*, why telegraph your moves in advance?

Sam said...

I saw that Snowden article and immediately had the same thought. I used to believe that maybe there was something to the UFO business but now I believe it's all lies.

Fubar said...

I agree. If this guy was legit, he would have been suicided or caught the government flu.