Monday, September 28, 2015

San Francisco Soon To Be A Gangster Paradise

The loss of thousands of years of enlightenment and advancement.

The introduction of democracies worldwide coincides perfectly with the mass manufacture of firearms. The common man is a deluded fool who will go back into his chains like a dog at the hands of the same old psychopaths who formerly ruled the entire planet with little to fear.

New Jersey races back to barbarism like all the others. Oswald Spengler was right about Sapiens. He was born on his knees to be a slave and that is the way he will die. Homo Sapiens is a domesticated animal, not a person of real standing. It wants to serve because it is made to serve.

When psychotics rule, victims are not allowed to possess arms for their own defense.

Cops destroy innocent man's entire life, ruin his family, abduct his children - judge requires them to pay him one dollar for fabricating evidence and giving false testimony without a conviction. All this over an accusation of growing marijuana that was revealed to be a false tip by an anonymous source. ONE DOLLAR.

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