Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Package Ventilation Kits For Civil Defense!!

These things are utterly amazing. Where can I order one?

Sorry, they are only in museums now. A remnant of an era when the nation-state looked after its own citizens instead of people who didn't live there.

A fantastic idea to drive ventilation systems when power goes down. I tried the air pump from American Safe Room one time and I doubt it would be possible to design a more awkward form of manual ventilation. I am pretty sure one of these could be built from scratch with a little work. Looks to me like it is a fan blade attached to a stationary bicycle here. You would use cheap mylar duct tubing nowadays instead of the fragile looking plastic bag. I just remembered I had a nice reclining exercise bike I kept on the porch in Queensland for this very purpose - I had it in mind as the basis for a generator or ventilator or both. We gave it away when we moved.

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