Sunday, September 13, 2015

Nobel Laureate Attacks State Theocracy

Incontrovertible is what the Vatican teaches. There is no such thing in science.


bicebicebice said...

Grogard said...

Unfortunately all the nobel prize winners that aren't approved by extreme leftists are at death's door, soon there will be only 'conspiracy theorists' left to raise objections to the million new idiocies that crop up every day in 'science'.

Ryan David G said...

I know Tex loves it when people talk of the 'big bang and the doom of the universe':

Texas Arcane said...

@Ryan David G

They know exactly when and why and how the universe will die within a ten second margin of error but after five years of angry letters to city council they still can't get the pothole filled out in front of the driveway to their science lab.

Edward said...

I'm rapidly coming to the opinion that at least half of this science stuff is just a garbled overly-abstracted extrapolation of human brain processes. We don't really understand what's going on outside our own heads, but when all the different explanations and equations seem to match up we think we've really learned something about what's out there.
Searching for new explanations at ever larger and ever smaller ends of the spectrum is now a pretty much pointless but still fantastically expensive affair, which seems to be mostly designed just to keep our brains occupied on something.

We'd be better of trying to figure out how to escape the planet that we've trashed than working out when the universe is going to end or looking for new sub-sub-sub atomic particles, which probably don't exist as the substrate of the perceptible universe is really the substrate of our own brains. It's like seeing the same fractal patterns all the way up and all the way down, but not noticing that it's the same thing, and in the mean time getting played by those who know how we actually work.
Ho hum, but that's just life in the 'reality based community' for you.

Edward said...

Yep, if they spent more time and energy figuring out the neurobiological and social feedback processes behind their own civilisations doom it might actually help them a bit more.
I did it just by reading books, so I don't see that excuse they have with all their vast funding and expertise.