Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Humans can't think. They can't. They can only emote.

I knew they were stepping up the war in Syria the instant I saw that little boy in the surf.

Boom, a crisis even in Australia, oy vey such a crisis itz. You'd think we have people pouring over our border here. Except we're on an island continent which has no border. To be panicking wildly, itz, we must. Let's run around waving our hands screaming maniacally without being certain what it is exactly causing us to scream.

I would be willing to bet that refugees of all ages have been drowning in the surf off Europe for decades. All of a sudden, it's important.

Every single article in the papers here in Australia ends with a small paragraph, almost an afterthought, about how Abbott will now step up bombing and airstrikes. Like a footnote. This looks like the start of a war but it is being framed as the drowning of an infant refugee. Still ... it looks like another war being started.

This stuff works because Lord Enki built the Lulu to have no soul and no mind of it's own. With wires cut between the left and right hemisphere of the brain that poor critter doesn't know its left from its right. It only knows what you tell it to think. Right now the authorities are telling it that we must open another front somewhere. This is an emergency. Strangely enough, the war that led to the crisis itself was also an emergency requiring us to act without thinking. They will be bringing up the rearguard here with the first Typing Corps and Pundit Offensive. You may be leading the charge. We all have to do our part.


KW Jackson said...

Apparently the boy was moved to make a better photo. Taken from rocks to an empty stretch of beach adds to the "emote".

Breitbart are running an article on how the family were sent by the father, sitting safe in Turkey (no war), to become anchors so he can get free dental.

There's a good map of Syria in relation to countries that have no war and countries that have refugee benefits - and where the refugees are fleeing to.

Grogard said...

Anyone who wants to take them in should open their house. Gotta love the fact this guy sent his kid alone to get free dental though, that is the wonderful group of people the west is taking in. We should be sterilizing half the people we have already, not letting every random loser come make the place even worse. I can't even imagine what a shithole this country will be in with another 40 years of this crap. Nothing but starving slaves, but then I guess that's the plan all along.

bicebicebice said...

We are under siege! My Neanderthal genetic memory is going crazy.
It took the enrichers one day until they started gangraping in Stockholm, one fucking day!

May the gods help us all.

cbenediccengi said...

God truly is a comedian.

"But then in Germany everything will be free: education, benefits, housing for immigrants. It's great! I want to apply to Economics school."

The sand nigger wants to study Economics! HAHAHA!

Economics 101: Untermensch swamp Ubermensch and 'Germany' collapses. 90% starvation rate. The end. Test on Monday. In the park. The University has been looted/burned.

bicebicebice said...

bicebicebice said...

Grogard said...

Of course he wants to be an 'economist' or anthropologist or political scientists. Then they can spend the rest of their lives writing polemics and black libel against western society after it took them in. Just like anita sarkeesian and all the other ticks on the ass of western civilization 99% of which are grifters whose ancestors had nothing to do with whatever country they now live in.