Thursday, September 3, 2015

Freedom of Association, Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Speech All Gone

County Clerk in jail after being forced to choose between her conscience and State orders

The rise of the State is always the death of Nations.

Obviously terminating her position would have made perfect sense. Jailing her would be total police state insanity. Only an inherently evil regime would even consider it.

This woman is simply heroic, period. The twerpy little metrosexual men should hang their heads in shame when this woman enters the room.


njartist said...

The Germans hung at Nuremberg are witnesses against "judge" Bunning and all those who think that an immoral "law" is to be obeyed. It has long been a Christian position that the magistrate - office holder - is to resist bad law: be it tyranny form those below his position or from those above him.

Grogard said...

If not doing your job is a crime now, the whole country will become a prison.