Thursday, September 10, 2015

Fox News Imagineers

Hillary has tons of support from wealthy AIPAC donors so she gets a reality upgrade.

It is ridiculous to talk about "democracy" when the entire media and political system is owned and controlled by a group of people who possess two passports. It's ridiculous. This same group donates 3/4s of ALL political campaign funding in the United States and Australia. Anybody who thinks they don't expect anything in return for that money is living in a fantasy world. Anybody who thinks they are paying for the best interests of the nation to be observed needs to be institutionalized.

Here we are given the impression that Hillary is still in the race. She isn't. Popular support is close to zero. I bet you the small group of people in that photo came purely for the snacks and free drinks.

Increasingly the West is identical to Stalin's era in the Soviet Union where reality was created dynamically in manufactured narratives, photos and films that could even change retroactively.

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