Sunday, September 27, 2015

Doctors Brutally, Permanently Mutilate Woman : "Oops, Sorry."

Modern medicine is a crackpot profession identical to the stands you see at the carnival, where frauds, cranks and lunatics sell miracle cures that make you worse, instant fixes that leave you scarred for life and solutions that create more problems and greater income for their rackets.

They always say we should shoot all the lawyers on the first day of the revolution but this would mean some doctors might get away. I say they all go on buses with floor leg-irons that are driven by Google navigation over a cliff into the ocean. That's my idea of a world looking forward to a brighter tomorrow. The life expectancy age would improve within the week. We'd have a lot more seniors to take care of, that is for sure.

When my father ran the marathon in Virginia with me about 40 years ago he had a pretty sore knee, which you would expect in someone who had trained hurriedly during a six month period to get in shape for it. It was really impressive that he completed it but as you might expect his knee was giving him some pain afterwards. He had the poor judgement to go to a doctor who promptly injected it with cortisone. If you think your knee hurts now, wait until the doctor gives you a cortisone injection. The swelling and pain went away instantly. It then put my father on a merry-go-round of repeated cartilage degeneration that ended with the doctor racking up some knee surgery, their famous follow-up for the old cortisone injections. No better way to generate knee surgery schedules than liberal injections of cortisone and the doctors knew it. My father's knee never really got better. The doctor of course got a sports car and moved up into a higher tax bracket which is what medicine is really all about. I think the doctor kept telling my Dad that one more knee surgery might fix it, he just had to get in there and stab and hack away some more, to make certain he got the last of the padding and normal knee cartilage that was "causing the pain." Sure it was.


Grogard said...

I wonder how many it happens to and they don't admit it.

They don't tell you while you have 'good chances' for many cancers with chemo and surgery, you have almost as good of chances without it. And for many you have virtually no chance and on average chemo just extends your life a couple months while running up incredible medical bills and ruining whatever may be left of your health before you go.

Not long ago I caught a lethal mistake a doc made, an average person would just be dead. Of course this is some third world clown as well, who follows a checklist. I may as well look up the wikipedia page and figure out what to give myself.

Texas Arcane said...


People are claiming this black molasses plus baking soda concoction is literally a miracle drug. I've had a couple of glasses this week and feel remarkably better, I definitely notice it. There are multiple claims for complete remissions all over the internet, if it is a hoax it is a pretty big one by a lot of people who don't seem to profit by it.