Tuesday, September 22, 2015

CO2 Is An Atmospheric Coolant

It helps to conduct heat through the water mantle and into outer space.

We've said it a dozen times on Vault-Co but here it is again from NASA.

CO2 does not provide any significant effect on climate whatsoever even at very high concentrations, unlike the historic lows we are in now. Cosmic radiation increases cloud cover at the same time the Sun goes dormant. This phenomenon, almost certainly somehow connected to our passage through the Oort Cloud, is what sets the clock of the climate over the eons.

This 12,000 year Holocene is at an end. It is more accurately called the Anthropocene because Homo Sapiens can't survive outside it. He's just not tough enough. The historians will record that he could not even get it right at the end of his own reign and was expecting global warming. Saps, the critter that failed at failing.

A chart of warming cycles from the EPA itself going back 800,000 years.
Increases in CO2 always trail after increases in heat by tens of thousands of years.
Spikes in CO2 always precede roller coaster drops in temperature.
Heat cycles are a brief transient affair. Cold is the normal condition for earth.
The Neolithic revolution was no such thing. It was a warmer climate combined with the expeditious use of the Neanderthal slave caste to do all the technical work and problem solving. When you know the truth, it becomes obvious that Homo Sapiens is not good at anything and responsible for nothing other than enjoying screaming and fighting and then rioting afterwards. It is behaviour that is deeply burned into his genome. It is the only thing that he finds hormonally rewarding. Outside of those three he is nearly useless for anything else. Trust the Neanderthals when you need a job done right. For everything else, I guess Saps needs a make-work vocation of some sort to make him feel relevant where he pretends to do stuff. Kind of like those work camps where they teach retarded children to stuff rags into bags. So Saps dominates professions until they realise they can't sell meetings and birthday breakfast celebrations and are nearly out of money. At that point they go hire a Neanderthal to do the work they were expected to do over the last ten years and keep the company solvent a little longer. It is at this point that Dr. Laurence J. Peter said that permanent staff insist on sending that person packing. Five thousand companies tracked over five years and I can summarise the entire book for you so you don't have to read it. Dr. Peter said that the Neanderthals do everything. Anything else is only theatrical or appearances. The Neanderthal secretly carries the entire Sapiens society on his stout back and almost no one ever figures it out until he or she is no longer available.

For this reason, always hire people who have the exact opposite qualities that everyone else looks for if you want to get it right. When I am in charge of hiring I always look for high IQ, socially awkward neurotics with low self-esteem and insomnia. My ability to hire the very best candidates missed by everyone else is uncanny, I have scored big so many times now you have to wonder why the nation just doesn't put me in charge of everything since the meritocracy is the only social organization that works, period.

I have noticed that the already scarcely reliable Wikipedia has shorter entries for the most critical thinkers of the previous century week to week. Somebody is trimming them until they can be eliminated altogether. On the other hand, the Kardashian page just keeps getting bigger.


Dan Crab said...

You have stated in the past that some particular neanderthall remains have been modified and replaced. Aside from the levantine skulls, are there any others that you know that are fake/altered?

What do you make of this?'_Quarry.jpg

Aeoli Pera said...

Working from Big 5, most employers prefer non-neurotic, personable, open-minded, hardworking extraverts who are kinda smart but not too smart. That translates to a midwitted ENFJ.

Apparently, the way to go is neurotic ISTPs who are either too smart or not smart enough. That sounds just about perfect, actually.

Tex, you are a genius.

Texas Arcane said...

@Dan Crab

I've heard that at least half the skulls on display in the world are plasticine replicas that bear no resemblance to the original skull in storage. I know for a fact that more than 40 skulls certified by Protsch as Neanderthals turned out to be orangutangs and have since been withdrawn from exhibits. This is probably the tip of the iceberg of the sheer fraud that is out there. Discussed in detail in the book "The Bone Peddlers." I think the majority of paleontologists have less credibility than the people you see running the freakshow exhibits at the carnival given all the revelations about their methods which they don't admit to until they have no other choice.

Dan Crab said...


By the by, which of these three look more neanderthal to you?

Keep in mind that these are some of the most archaic contemporary examples ever photographed.

Chris from Sydney said...

We're here to bring democracy and what not, but don't worry we'll respect your 'culture'. Just another day in baby buggery empire...

Texas Arcane said...

@Dan Crab

The third one (Shetland islands) strikes me as what Mousterians really looked like without severe rickets. The Indian is almost certainly interbred with Asiatic peoples and the first guy looks more original Cro-Magnon to me.

bicebicebice said...

Always bet on Neanderthal!

Ryan David G said...

Not sure if you've seen this Tex, a bunch of scienmagists calling for "climate change deniers" to face RICO investigations:

"Climate-change denial has been compared to Big Tobacco’s 50-year-campaign to deny the dangers of cigarettes. It’s not widely known, but what ended the Big Tobacco campaign was actual prosecution under the RICO racketeering statute."

Some of your favourite people are on that list of signatories.

Gary said...

Scientific Breakthrough: Oldest partial genome sequenced, reveals Neanderthals twice as old as thought

Dr. Matthias Meyer, paleogeneticist at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Germany led the work. Meyer said that “Neanderthals, and their relatives the Denisovans, could have split from their common ancestor with modern humans up to 765,000 years ago.”

Ha! In the dim dark recesses of studying archaeology and anthropology 30+ years ago I recall even then it struck me as extremely odd that there was a seriously big paucity of fossil evidence for human ancestry between about 800k and 200k. The more you look in all areas of the fossil record (hominid or otherwise), the more "missing links" there are. "Curiouser and curiouser" said Alice.

JeffreyJerpp said...


Correct me if I am wrong, but it looks like, despite the rapid plunge in temperatures reflected on those graphs, it still takes a decent amount of time (perhaps a millenia?) for the earth to enter a full bore ice age. What is a realistic time span, in your estimation, for these conditions to take effect now? Asking because I was considering the Pacific NW as a viable location for the long term.