Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Billion Dollar Swindlers : Higgs Boson Doesn't Exist

A rough estimate is that this huge con game over the past forty years has netted well over 30 trillion dollars from the rubes and their nations. That kind of cheese can buy a lot of tacos.

Where's that hoverboard, bitches? I bet you if that money had gone to real scientists instead of these greasy gypsy rascals I'd be gliding around on that thing right this instant. Right now. Big high-top basketball shoes zooming all over the place. Be careful, you know those things don't work on water, Marty!

Notice how scientific advancement was roaring along after World War II to the extent this stuff was fully expected by 2015 in the sequel? People began to realize the current demographic that controls science do not seem to ever produce any tangible results of any kind, despite one week after another for decades of their breathless press releases. Meanwhile, the world still runs mostly on the stuff that was finalized in 1955 including solid state electronics. No real advancement to be seen at all. If anything, tech other than computers and some military applications appears to be slipping backwards.


Edward said...

Maybe someone decided that anything much after nuclear fission was too dangerous to be placed in the hands of the masses. (Not that home-made nuclear reactors are that easy to come by either, especially not the fuel you'd need). If everybody had a Mr. Fusion, it wouldn't take long before someone worked out how to weaponize it, even just as a prank. You could probably rig up a pretty big EMP with 1.21 gigawatts, which would take down the oh-so-valuable communication grid for miles around. Same argument for flying cars, you get enough problems with drunk drivers, and how many people really have the reflexes and want to go through all the training to be pilots just to pop to the shops?

And well, the point of Back To The Future was not really to demonstrate how much things can change, but more about how much things don't change at all, at least in terms of human behaviour. The mother tells the kids, 'Well in my day of course, we didn't sit alone in cars with boys', and yet there she is, sitting alone in a car with a boy, and she's the one that's giving the come-ons to the kid that's really her son.
It's the same two families fighting it out across all four time periods. The technology shifts a bit, we may get bigger TV screens, with way more channels and instant Pizzas, but human family life goes on roughly as it always has. That's the real story. It's supposed to be fiction, the science is just a hook, it's only the poor geeks that get all confused, and actually expect that these things will happen in their lifetimes.

The real business of government is to manage he people, to keep their minds really busy and their actions within certain bounds to keep the whole system running smoothly. You pay them just enough to keep them forever wanting more, and you work the larger economic wheels in cycles so as to prevent them building up too much in savings and physical capital. You just have a few people sitting on the peer-review and funding committees, and they only let certain research be done, and certain facts be published, and hey-presto stagnating science.
Technological 'progress' is a very disruptive influence, and must be kept to a slow drip-feed, or we all just keep playing fully immersive video games all day, and forget all about that really expensive and complicated business of having families and such.

Texas Arcane said...


Except technology was roaring along with record progress and it looked likely for mankind to put men on Mars in twenty years in 1965.

They didn't slow technological progress on purpose. It slowed and stagnated because science is dominated by non-scientists throughout the West. It is dominated by people who think it is a nice living but have no real interest in science at all.

Did Russia really lack bright enough people to keep up with the West during the Cold War? Or did they in fact lobotomize their brightest people under Soviet Psychiatry? Again, the people are there but the society suppresses their opportunities and rewards the mediocre who cannot help but show results that you would expect of such people.

KW Jackson said...

Given the prevalence of a certain group within the Bolshevik and later Soviet Psychiatric apparatchik it implies a lot about their particular type of intellect. Its only creativity is torture.

Edward said...

Well it seems to be a bit of both. Yes the academics seem to be more about self-promotion than actual progress, but the independent people, outside of those institutions, whenever they make a bit what seems like genuine 'progress', well they seem to get quickly bought out by larger established businesses and slowed down, broken up or re-purposed. Was MineCraft really worth $2.5 billion to Microsoft? That's still a hell of a lot isn't it? Regardless of the quality of the codebase or the user mindshare. And what does Facebook really need with a virtual reality device?

What remains are fringe individuals, and they just get painted as nutters by the amateur 'skeptic' majority who religiously follow the press releases of the academics, which more or less seems like the same kinds of things endlessly recycled, but that doesn't matter because who can be expected to remember all that technical stuff anyway, unless they are a paid-up academic and thus probably compromised or they must just have an 'autism spectrum disorder', so we can't believe anything they say anyway.

So who knows if there is or isn't actually a Higgs Boson? It doesn't seem like finding it will actually help us much as it's way too small a concern to impact the next generation of CPU design. But having those really big projects like the LHC sure draws the crowds and the funding, which keeps everyone looking in that one direction for the next big thing.

So it's always the 'fringe nutters' who say things like, "We're just being kept prisoners on this planet deliberately, we've actually had the technology to visit the stars since the 1970s" or whatever, and we can't really know if they are right or not because all we can see is the smoke and mirrors.

Unless you really are on the inside track, defence contractor skunkworks etc. well all you get is being a member of the Reality-based community

See how easy it is to tie up all the loose ends? Must be nice having that kind of power mustn't it? So long as you yourself don't start to forget what is real and what isn't when trying to keep your story straight.

Hey, we've got iPhones and tablets now, and they are pretty good at keeping us all amused, so who really cares about those hoverboards? Sounds rather too dangerous to let the kids play with things like that, particularly the jet powered variety. We don't want anyone smashing up the stained glass windows of our precious historic landmarks.

Grogard said...

It sure is funny to see rationalpedia talking about reality.

A lot of money is made on rent-like profiteering on energy reserves so of course those people want to stop energy production alternatives that really work. Most of the problem though is the people are not as good. Because the leadership is bad and the hiring and university selection practices are increasingly anti-merit based. The university system is more of a guild-like bureaucratic political machine than something that educates people in the sense we think of it.