Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Australia Did Nothing and Broke Even

This is really amazing when you compare the results with Australia.

Australia is alone out of all the post-industrial nations on Earth in having posted almost no productivity improvements whatsoever in the past 40 years. Australia has apparently not benefited in any way from the introduction of computers into the workplace. Australia scored second last behind Botswana in 2010 out of more than 50 nations in overall productivity metrics. It is difficult to imagine a more abysmal performance.

Meanwhile the rest of the developed world has vastly increased productivity and profits to both shareholders and company balance sheets. Their reward? Nothing. Their wages and salaries have not grown in response at all. With increases in the price of living and inflation their earnings have shrunk substantially and more and more of it goes to basic needs with nothing left over.

So it would seem that Australia's policy of striving to be the laziest white men on Earth has proven to be a secure course of action. It would appear they have conserved much energy that might have been wasted increasing profits for their employers. What they are saving all that energy up for, nobody knows. You'll have to excuse me, I think I will go and lay down and watch the cricket. Writing this blog post has exhausted the meagre store of iron in my blood and I have to rest now for a month in order to replenish it.


FrankNorman said...

Tex, this one's for you:

KW Jackson said...

Sounds like you've been exposed to the public sector. ;-)

Dan Crab said...

What do you think of the fact that amerindians are closest to neanderthals?

Grogard said...

They would riot and get something for nothing, but that takes too much effort.

August said...

The U.S. is the nightmare in Syria.
If this weren't loony enough, I've heard a few nuts say the migration is caused by global warming.

Herman said...

This again?

Texas Arcane said...


The only thing that keeps the peace in Australia is the lack of the capacity to organise any kind of resistance. It's like a guy born in an iron lung who claims he is virtuous because he can't get into any trouble if he wanted to.

This is the reason that the ice epidemic is going to destroy Australians because it is the least amount of effort they can make with the highest rate of return, the ideal profession for perpetual laggards who want to get rich quick or get high quick. Ice was practically made to genocide Australia like a customized poison.

HalibetLector said...

Writing this blog post has exhausted the meagre store of iron in my blood and I have to rest now for a month in order to replenish it.

Maybe Australia should enrich its flour with Iron, like in the US. (TROLLGRIN)

Grogard said...

The iron lung comment is a classic for the ages.