Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Adieu Kwanstainia

The country was as good as dead the instant they shot John F. Kennedy. It has been nothing but downhill ever since. This is what little it took to cower them all.

There is no future where America survives. All futures end with America gone. As long as the truth remains forbidden there can be no solutions to anything.

The Kwanstain has been defunct a long time. Some people are only getting it now. It takes a nation a long time to dry rot out and collapse. It was a great country once but it has only been a husk for decades.

Nobody is bothering to maintain it. There is nothing left in Kwanstainia you could give away. Kwanzanians believe somehow everything is just going to fix itself. With an average IQ of 97, they are not going to solve their own problems so belief in a magical miracle force that will fix it all permeates the empty vacuum where the brains used to be on Americans.

The people trying to tell others that they should act now are the sorts of idiots who wait until all the lifeboats are away before deciding there may be a problem with the ship.

After hearing what they have done to their babies, perhaps it is better they go the same way as Carthage and vanish off the earth. Too much evil is not something that should be salvaged. The Kwa has done too much evil on the planet. Time for it to go. The common man will go back into his chains like a pig going back to his slop in the street. You can't change human nature. Man has no better angels and once all his virtues are gone he does not retain the virtue that would allow him to recover them.


His Majesty said...

Kennedy was a tool. Abraham Lincoln put the nails in the kwan coffin. What can I say, terrible systems die.

bicebicebice said...

styrac1 said...

The pillars of anti-communism were the US and the Vatican

Now you have a commie in the White House and a commie in the Vatican

According to Buchanan the new America of the 50s is...Russia

bicebicebice said... bet on Thal.

Fubar said...

I love it: "a resurgent and aggressive Russia". All Russia has been doing is trying to mind it's own business while being encircled and antagonized by NATO butt nuggets. The U.S.S.A. Has become the school yard bully of the world.

Lugh said...

JFK was all over the place ideologically, but he wasn't a bad man - and that may have gotten him killed. Compare him with LBJ who told the Air Force to let the Israelis sink the Liberty so as not to "embarrass an ally"! And he got away with it. So Yes, I agree - America was all gone even then, though of course the silent revolution had begun much earlier.

Eric J. Brooks said...

ITZ coming...