Thursday, September 17, 2015

ADA Scientimagistics Explode Forever

The facts say these "doctors" don't know what the hell they are doing. Period.

A Neanderthal diet makes well. Saps stick-insect carbo syrup kills. These people basically eat melted down bones made into gelatin and poured into molds with corn syrup to look like food and they think this will make them healthy.  Saps. Saps never learns.

Trust doctors, don't listen to raving bourgeois nuts like Tex.


Grogard said...


I had no idea that is the diet recommended for diabetes. What planet do I even live on?

Luke said...

Was the second link supposed to be about AVG? Interesting, but not very relevant.

I noticed immediate benefits when I reduced by carb intake and increased my protein and fat intake. I completely agree on the coconut oil by the way, it definitely improves my cognitive function and mood.

Edward said...

A planet where doctors think they are right because they are doing what big pharma tell them is right, despite the fact that most of the 'science' big pharma produces to convince the doctors of the efficacy of their potions is an outright sham.
I suppose the doctors are also to blame in that more potions equals more money, and more potions equals more side effects equals more compensatory potions equals even more money. Whether they even stop to think if it might be the potions themselves that cause most of the problems and not the initial condition is debatable.
Somehow I seem to manage to go without any potions at all for decades at a time, but then I'm not so heavily advertised at and I don't get myself into a state about every tiny thing and go rushing off to see a doctor.

Remember the key message, 'medication is what you need'.