Monday, August 17, 2015

Why Is God So Cruel To Japan

Maybe it isn't God's fault.

Can somebody find that safety procedures brochure for Japan concerning nuclear power plant management? I think it was mislaid around 1954. Check back in that stack of manga over by the closet.

As far as I know, running a nuclear power plant is not some kind of a joke. Every time you hear about these accidents you cannot believe the lax behavior that preceded it. I am assuming there is at least some sort of emergency shut-down process we should keep handy on a clipboard or something with a nearby volcano actively spewing lava flows. Otherwise, you know, there could be consequences. I'm no expert but that is my guess.


cbenediccengi said...

unrelated, but frigging hilarious.

Could you imagine if these Negresses did this to Putin? He would of choked both of them unconscious on stage and driven his popularity rating to 99%.

styrac1 said...

Unlike the demented Sanders who looked like he was going to choke on stage any minute, Putin actually has a very calm and polite manner to totally own fucks like this BBC shill: