Thursday, August 6, 2015

The Most Brilliant Thing I've Read This Year

This is why I check Koanic Soul's blog regularly. You never know what will go up there next.

This is an articulation of my entire stance on Neanderthal identity.

Neanderthals have only one strategy in life that is going to work for them and it is this ...

Stop appeasing your captors. We need to start coming out of the closet. Homo Sapiens is basically an R-Selected animal who will always back down from any real confrontation. They need us but the truth is we never really needed any of them at all. Just have the guts to calmly tell them the truth. Remind them you don't like being labeled autistic or otherwise damaged because the dominant prevailing medical evidence says there is nothing wrong with us whatsoever.

About three weeks ago somebody at a job interview asked me if I "was some kind of weirdo or something."

I told him, "I'm not a weirdo, I'm a Neanderthal. My pedigree was never in question. I'm descended from a one million year old race of hominids who are the most genetically superior race of men that has ever existed. I can plant my foot in a fossil bed in Europe dated at 800,000 years and my foot is a perfect match for that footprint which was made before Snowball Earth, meaning my kind survived in conditions that would have certainly exterminated you and everybody you know. Homo Sapiens is a breed that can barely establish it's own existence anywhere before 38,000 years and is a short term phenomenon at best. Do you harbor a hatred for the natives on this planet? If you do, I guess we won't be working together. I would only recommend hiring somebody like me if you are tired of listening to your own kind tell you whatever they think you want to hear ... and you have decided you are desperate enough to resort to hiring someone competent."

Think I blew the interview, right? They called security and had me thrown out of the building?

Nope. They apologized profusely. One guy said he had a cousin with autism and was not prejudiced against autistic people. I corrected him by telling him I was not autistic or pathological in any way according to recent CT scans of human brains in the UK. I was a Neanderthal. I told them that if they thought that was a bad thing then we shouldn't waste each other's time. Their manager apologized again and said it was an inappropriate comment to make to me at the interview and that nothing I had said or done had deserved it.

So I got home and a couple hours later my recruiter called to tell me they offered me the position, but it was too late. I had already signed on somewhere else. That is where I am working now.

Stop appeasement. We're the natives. They can try to explain to us what in the hell they are doing on our planet, freaky eyes that can't even adjust to sunlight and fruity spectator sports loving mediocrities sucking up the professions they aren't even interested in or show any aptitude for. We make sense. We're the Neanderthals. We don't have anything to apologize for unless it is being perfectly adapted by one million years of natural selection. They're the ones that just seem a bit off. We're Neanderthals but we prefer MR. Neanderthal, Saps. We're natives of this planet and have a million year tenure that some gang-raping spearchucking locust swarm kill-monkeys pretending to be people can't put a dent in with a puny 38,000+ year manic streak during the interglacial. Fat lady isn't singing, Saps, don't run that victory lap just yet. That's my advice. Thals, stop appeasing.

When I finish my computer game, I will elaborate. Much further. For now, stop appeasement. It's not working and that's why we need to approach the problem another way. Don't apologize for being different from them - I can't imagine anything more wonderful than to wake up one morning and discover you are vastly and irreconcilably different from Homo Sapiens. What an honor. Thank God every morning, 'Thal.


Takuzdwa Aywok said...

You did well my 'Thal brother. We black african men are oppressed excessively just like you are.
I'd love to see some sort of a Neanderthal "separatist" (if that's the right word) movement.

Ron said...

If you had said that to me, I would have assumed you were totally insane, but a potentially fun person to be around. However, I would check to see if you knew about VaultCo or koanic, and if the answer was "yes" then I would have hired. If "no". I would have passed. But I am not exactly a major success at anything in life, so maybe it would have been the wrong strategy.

Off topic, I just went to an exhibition at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem and there was a section on Neanderthals, I took some pictures with my phone, would,you like me to send them to you?

Texas Arcane said...


Our movement will never succeed until Neanderthals reach out to our oppressed kinsmen being separated from their homeland in Israel by the apartheid invaders. Remember my brother I will personally pilot the converted B-52 that airdrops thousands of Somalians on parachutes into downtown Tel Aviv with a street guide and a candy bar to get them started in their new lives as Israeli citizens. No human being is illegal and they are coming for a better life. It is time the fountainhead of all diversity funding got some major diversity of its own. For too long the Western nations have sucked up all the rewards of diversity and enrichment for themselves.

Ave said...

>>When I finish my computer game, I will elaborate.

Blogger Texas Arcane said...

I basically looted the daemons from PVBrowser, which is automatic support for about 30+ major protocols including Modbus, etc.

If I have a modbus, I2C, LPT and RS-485 daemon working, will put this up as V1 on Github.

June 1, 2015 at 12:01 AM

I have to do this, it is for your own good.

Texas Arcane said...


Currently getting paid to build a parallel system a little more hardened than my hobbyist version. Rest assured when I complete the contract in a couple months I will be applying all lessons learned to Vault-OS. I've actually been pushed on this job and have made a lot more progress than I was grabbing a couple hours each week at night after I got home. I've got stuff running in Lua (real-time shared memory tables as previously discussed) and other tricks that I have figured out how to do because of this job working me with a tight schedule and limited timeframe. When I update the source code base for VOS with what I have learned it is going to be ready to put V1 up in open source.

Texas Arcane said...


... and as discussed previously, BACNet has become the obvious choice for the built-in protocol with bridgedowns to other devices as required. BACNet was amazingly easy to get the basic lib to compile for any platform. In the week coming I am working a bit on the stack and once I learn how to structure that so it can be modified by the user at runtime it is going to be incredible. Also, I just got the BACNet-RS485-MS/TP daemon running today as a proof-of-concept. It turned out to be much easier than I estimated.

Texas Arcane said...


That twisted pair RS-485 BACnet MS/TP would have to be the best protocol I have ever seen, even better than CANBUS, although it will still be important to write a daemon for CANBUS. Note that optical isolators for RS-485 are dirt cheap now.

Ave said...

>although it will still be important to write a daemon for CANBUS

Oh yes, it is technological stuff one can retrieve.

I think that a core system has to be set up with dedicated components, and then the expansions can be made with materials retrieved from elsewhere.

All this is going to be a steep learning curve for me, so I don't plan to do a lot of different things. CANBUS is what I'm anticipating.

Anyway, of course what we do are hobbies, the paying job always comes first. Goof louck with your assignement !

PS the recruiters already know you from the internet, and I guess that you're already a legend in your field, as Australia is not that big. They said that to please your ego.

theepilgrim said...

"space might be the solution"

I found this insightful. It made me think of that awful Elysium movie. I couldn't actually bring myself to sit through that dreck, but the plot outline I gathered from the trailer is this: the wealthy (i.e. K-selected) have finally abandoned earth to the r-selected horde and built a new civilization on a space station. In a true showing of r-selected dissonance, confirmed communist Matt Damon somehow makes himself an Ironman suit (he can miraculously jury-rig himself a mech war-suit but not a means to simply produce food, medicine, or shelter for himself or his people? yup, sounds like a typical leftoid, psychopathic power-fantasy to me) and plans to invade the space station and steal their technology in order to bring "equality" to earth (because, how else can the r-selected achieve equality except by stealing from the K-selected?)

The movie is an unconscious admission that, unlike the commie fantasy world of Star Trek, in reality space would be a purely K-dominated frontier (not unlike the pioneers of the American frontier). Whether they'll admit it or not, leftists know that space is no place for them; and if they can't go, then no one can (hence the defunding of the space program). As a poignant example, blacks, the most r-selected species of hominid on the planet, have often expressed derision at the very idea of space exploration (e.g. Whitey on the Moon) while simultaneously demanding to be represented in sci-fi space movies and tv shows like Star Trek and Star Wars. "We think space exploration is a waste of time and money....but if you're going, then damn it, you're taking us with you!"

Grogard said...

I've always been shocked that anyone I stand up to backs down even if they are much bigger and have 'authority'.

KW Jackson said...

Then there's those who talk about their various r strategies and in the next breath carry on about how K they actually are. Odd-birds those.

Texas Arcane said...

@KW Jackson

Like the heads of Goldman Sachs talking about the virtues of free market competition after they received their monthly billion dollar subsidy check from the government which wrote a taxpayer IOU in order to cover it? They really believe that "markets" work ... for them.

KW Jackson said...

@Texas Arcane
For them the market IS free. They are unrestricted and as elites who only care about results they believe that is just fine.