Sunday, August 23, 2015

Snake Face = Success On Baby Buggery Island

Britards with features like serpents seem to enjoy financial success on the Isle of Infant Cornholio

We don't need David Icke to explain this one. Totally unnecessary.

If you were a member of the Sargon dynasty driven out of ancient Sumeria, you were part of a ruling family that had been selecting mates with snake-like features for thousands of years at a minimum. When you grew up in this social class all the people you knew were the result of millennia of breeding choices based on a cosmetic aesthetic that said features like serpents were beautiful, regal and royal. Along with your melonhead it was the way you stood apart from the peasants, Lulus and manboons who formed your slave labor classes. When you walked down the street, your snake face, big head and height said to those around you ... I am your better. Do not impede me or so much as inconvenience me. I am a child of  the serpent of light and predestined to rule the world.

There was another class of melonheads a little more specialized in their worship of Moloch, the Owl God. A creature that demanded children be sacrified to it by passing them through fire. If they obliged regularly do you think they were using their own children ... or their slaves' children? This cult also chose mates who looked like owls when they went to marry.

To this day, these families breed within their own genetic trees and scarcely ever outside it. For this reason many of them suffer extraordinary defects of development common along those who have sex with their own cousins. They nevertheless avoid all genetic lines not connected to their original stock. This is the reason they are trying to decriminalize in-marriage in case you were wondering with regular propaganda pieces. They were going to do it anyway.

Notice the common denominator is not ethnic or religious or national origin. Far from it, they are quite cosmopolitan in this regard. The common denominator is melon head and serpentine features. When one of them sees it in another they instantly know they are keeping company with fellow travelers, just as when they see the wrong kind of 'Thal (non-mousterian) or Cro-Magnon types they know at once these are lower classes of one strain or another. Of all these lineages the Denisovian/Amud type of 'Thal is the one they despise the most ... because it is the most irreverent in general towards the sort of assumptions they wish to impose on others.


Grogard said...

And yet, somehow, the same people who bring us ingsoc. It's almost like it's all just a scam to gain themselves even more wealth and power, or something.

The Observer said...

"If they obliged regularly do you think they were using their own children ... or their slaves' children?"

If I remember correctly, the upper classes of Carthage would find homeless children on the streets to "adopt"...and promptly sacrifice said adoptees to Moloch, instead of using their own flesh and blood.

Normal people, of course, didn't get such luxuries.

styrac1 said...

Grogard said...

Haha Anita Sarkeesian sprang to mind very strongly with that first paragraph. Not to mention that video where peasant men dare to step up to women in the would be ruling class and try to make conversation. Back peasant! I mean, misogynist!

Ron said...

cousin marriage should not be illegal but it should be strongly discouraged as it is a threat to the genetic health of all the families of man.

On the other hand, it's a bit ridiculous to condemn cousin marriage as a genetic health when we encourage the filthy homosexual practices as well as the completely insane "womens empowerment" scam.

styrac1 said...

They didn't listen

bicebicebice said...

Luke said...

Wow. Good find. I can't believe they published this.

Reminds my of Koanic's "snake melon" composite image.

Ja D said...

The noses are often a giveaway.

Grogard said...

As for legality, no it shouldn't be legal.

Philip II was "only" a product of cousin marriage. Two percent may not seem like much but compound interest has huge effects over time. However, it's not the same to have successive waves of cousin marriage. Your gene pool shrinks and shrinks over time and your odds go up with each generation. And mental/moral degeneracy are not as easy to measure but seem to get worse and worse as well.

Just look up DuPont pedophile case. That is the result of "perfectly normal" cousin marriage.