Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Nobody Likes An I Told You So

... but I did tell you so.

DRD4 (7A, etc.) if it develops naturally the way it did in Neanderthals produces an ultra-K conservative. So ultra-K that ordinary people have trouble even comprehending it. How conservative are we talking about? So conservative that if a Neanderthal thinks they are consuming too many calories without any utility to their tribe, they will self-Kevorkian by stripping naked and walking a 100 miles in any random direction away from their own village until they drop dead. Think that's the craziest thing you've ever heard in your life? The fossil record shows it in at least three instances. That's not a coincidence it is a trend. This is why the suicide rate of people with "Aspergers" is so astronomical.

If an Ultra-K realises they have no mate at the age of 30 or that they are unwanted/unloved, they do not need somebody to convince them. They will self-Kevorkian.

A well known anthropologist wrote "It's as if a switch was thrown and they walked without stopping to eat, drink or sleep until they collapsed and died a hundred miles away from their own tribe."

So you know all the Sapiens claim they were the conservatives and it is Neanderthals who must be the liberals? Their own foot makes them out to be a liar. The Greek Foot is a stand-your-ground and fight for territory foot. The Cro-Magnon foot is a Monty Python "run-away" foot. It is the foot of an animal that traveled light and trekked long distances with no fixed address. It ate what it could steal and had no need to solve problems or make tough decisions. It simply ran away. Of these two wildly different creatures which race do you think would be the easiest to convince to surrender its own territory to invaders? The incredibly xenophobic Neanderthals who occupied the same lands for tens of thousands of years or the utterly amoral Cro-Magnon who never seemed to attach himself anywhere for long?

The Neanderthal was the home body who had to defend his ancestral lands, not the queer bait traveling freak circus of the Cro-Magnons. The Cro-Mag was a promiscuous creature who bred like locusts and wouldn't even understand monogamy, family or everlasting true love. It had no biological need of these things. One would expect the most highly evolved Cro-Magnons would become homosexuals and dodge all responsibility for child rearing and domestic obligations altogether, rutting briefly with females without any long term assurances of loyalty. This would enable them to conserve their energies for fighting, raping, spear chucking and cannibalism, the things they did best. In the modern era they are forbidden to do these things they love openly so they instead obsess with football and spectator sports as a cathartic substitute. It shows what it is by its interests.

If the DRD4 gene is present but flips one way (the wrong way) it turns a person into an ultra flaming liberal R-Selected lunatic. I've got this gene and it appears to have developed the intended way in me. Since I was in diapers I have been Ultra-K all the way.

You know the single instance where people point to what they think is a Neanderthal that seems to universally to be an Ultra-R madman? Well, it is no such thing. That's a Melonhead hybrid that primarily pushes self-destruction as a means to achieving power over other social groups. Those traits come from the cunning pharaohs of the ruling classes, not the humble and inherently virtuous Neanderthals who felt every man should carry his own water.


Grogard said...

Morton toe configuration is great for rock climbing and balance, too. The 'true' morton's toe does not make running a problem, either.

Takuzdwa Aywok said...

Shit nigga.
That makes me realize lot's 'o' st00f.

S a m a d h i said...

This is really fascinating; and makes sense when you think about the rates of suicide between whites/blacks/E Asians.

Twinruler334 said...

This is truly exciting: someone who really understands Asperger!

styrac1 said...

The problem with conservatism is that it assumes there are things to conserve. Nothing is worth conserving at this point.

Great post btw.

styrac1 said...

In no other modern nation those Saps traits aren't as dominant as in Kwanstainia.

Case in point:

Chris from Sydney said...

How conservative are you ? If you guys do the test could you post your score for comparison ?

My results
"Your score for right-wing authoritarianism was 90.91%. Higher scores indicate more right-wing authoritarianism.

Right-wing authoritarians want society and social interactions structured in ways that increase uniformity and minimize diversity. In order to achieve that, they tend to be in favour of social control, coercion, and the use of group authority to place constraints on the behaviours of people such as political dissidents and ethnic minorities. These constraints might include restrictions on immigration, limits on free speech and association and laws regulating moral behaviour. It is the willingness to support or take action that leads to increased social uniformity that makes right-wing authoritarianism more than just a personal distaste for difference. Right-wing authoritarianism is characterized by obedience to authority, moral absolutism, racial and ethnic prejudice, and intolerance and punitiveness towards dissidents and deviants. In parenting, right-wing authoritarians value children's obedience, neatness, and good manners"

Note, complains I want restrictions on 'free speech' while SJW's scream 'Hate speech is not free speech'.

Grogard said...

Asking "do you want a strongman leader?" over and over again is not a personality test and I doubt many colonial kwanzanians would agree with that. They just want the same thing they wanted 200 years ago, to be left alone by both foreign and domestic powers and intruders. Whether armed in uniforms, sneaking across the border by the million every year, or forcing them into slavery to pay welfare for more cheap corporate laborers. Otherwise they may as well have kept on as an English colony and let them run their lives into the dirt as they had for centuries beforehand and continue to do today to the ones who remained.

bicebicebice said...

Fubar said...

Yes, Aywok. Fo' realz and what not.

styrac1 said...

"One would expect the most highly evolved Cro-Magnons would become homosexuals and dodge all responsibility for child rearing and domestic obligations altogether, rutting briefly with females without any long term assurances of loyalty."

Found a relevant quote:

"Conditions of life both in the Greek city state and in the Roman Empire favoured the man without a family who could devote his whole energies to the duties and pleasures of public life. Late marriages and small families became the rule, and men satisfied their sexual instincts by homosexuality or by relations with slaves and prostitutes. This aversion to marriage and the deliberate restriction of the family by the practice of infanticide and abortion was undoubtedly the main cause of the decline of ancient Greece, as Polybius pointed out in the second century B.C. And the same factors were equally powerful in the society of the Empire, where the citizen class even in the provinces was extraordinarily sterile and was recruited not by natural increase, but by the constant introduction of alien elements, above all from the servile class. Thus the ancient world lost its roots alike in the family and in the land and became prematurely withered.

"The reconstitution of Western civilization was due to the coming of Christianity and the re-establishment of the family on a new basis."

-Christopher Dawson: The Patriarchal Family in History. (1933)

Texas Arcane said...


I knew about this when I wrote that comment.

Amazing how success sows the seeds of its own destruction. The increasing rewards of ambition eventually begin to undermine the original purpose of the civilisation itself, which is nothing more than a way to organise the protection of women and children.

Oyente Maninaye said...

"If an Ultra-K realises they have no mate at the age of 30 or that they are unwanted/unloved, they do not need somebody to convince them. They will self-Kevorkian."

Amen to this. I am a single 30-year old TT from the Basque Country, and I feel absolutely disconnected from most humans. Even Thal women have fallen prey to left-wing/Marxist indoctrination. The only one who keeps me going on this planet is God Himself. Apart from Him, I see no point in staying one more day on this miserable planet. What is a young Aspergian uber-Thal male to do in today's day and age? Are we condemned to eternal singlehood?

Texas Arcane said...


No. Remember it is not your tribe that has rejected you. We would cherish you and you would find a mate, a family and people who loved you for the rest of your life.

The tribe that has rejected you does not have biological permission to reject or accept any of our kind. Their opinion is worthless. Remember if they all despise you that you are in good company - all the best and most worthwhile people are despised by them because they are the antitheses of the good. When you get that feeling you have no purpose, remember you are obligated to continue struggling in life because of your ancestors no matter what happens. You will find a wife and she will be a good one but you must look for her. She won't find you, relationships between men and women here don't work that way.

Keep building yourself until the difference between you and them is obvious. Build your body, your mind and your spirit until you are strong enough to no longer care what Sapiens thinks of you one way or the other. When your true mate sees you she will recognise you. So keep slugging, remember everybody else on the planet eventually gets knocked out before the Neanderthal. They are rodeo clowns who take a beating, get back up and keep going. Sapiens is the one who should Kevorkian himself but as you have probably heard, Pimps and Pigs don't suicide.

bicebicebice said...

Do not worry Oyente Maninaye!
Vault-OS will come with a built in relative finder, like 23andme but only for thals, and a matchmaking app! Melonheads don't really need that feature of course, since they already have (▰˘◡˘▰)