Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Melonhead Malta Hypogeum Is Straight Out of H.P. Lovecraft

African rock art dated at possible age of 24,000 years or earlier shows Melonheads leading/controlling grazing animals and possibly domesticated dogs without harnesses
It is one creepy place.

No torch residues. Could melonheads see in the dark? They had some kind of jack in the back of their skulls where they connected to the mainframe. Enhanced virtual reality simulator? Others have suggested they may have injected drugs directly into their brains.

It is difficult to link to stories about melonhead skulls because the skulls tend to vanish the instant they are brought to the attention of others on the internet. Remember, if you can see a melonhead skull on a Google search, chances are that skull will disappear from the museum where it is kept within 12 months. Draw your own conclusions.

No skulls. Sleep now.
(Neanderthal is the only hominid this doesn't work on, apparently. Easy to see why they wanted to get rid of us)
I find it difficult to read any article about the Temple at Malta that leaves out the pit found with the bones of 38,000+ children (all non-elongated heads) who were sacrificed on the altar there which has a groove clearly designed to channel the blood into a basin where Melonheads no doubt dipped cups.
They lost mass and height from interbreeding, also enabled them to survive purges by passing amongst ordinary people. So obvious they never went anywhere. The "giants who ruled the Earth" never went extinct.
Just what are you trying to imply, Arcane? It sounds as though you might be suggesting ... no, that's ridiculous.


Russell (106) said...

Before I was a reader here, Tex, I had noticed people that looked like Larry King had a certain air about them. People would stop and listen to them, no matter the topic or content. People want to be friends with them.

I'm not going to lie, I could feel their tug, too. It would take mental effort not to respond like other people, but it was possible. I think the thing that saved me was my introversion. The crowd was going one way, I don't like crowds, therefore I went in the opposite direction.

Now, equipped with the knowledge from here and others, the melonhead siren song isn't as strong. I can watch them work and without the need to struggle against their influence nearly as hard.

As a first hand witness of melonheads I can confirm that they wield great social powers. Almost unbelievably great at times.

HalibetLector said...

No skulls. Sleep now.
(Neanderthal is the only hominid this doesn't work on, apparently. Easy to see why they wanted to get rid of us)

You know, I've always wondered about that. I'm not particularly smart, but when I see proof with my own two eyes of something that most would call a "conspiracy theory" I adjust my thinking. Other people don't. It kills me. Intellectually, I understand the many, many justifications for why somebody would be unwilling to adjust their world view. But deep down, I'll never understand. It's like they were genetically engineered to turn their brain off at the first sign of a "conspiracy theory."

Grogard said...

Try to be reasonable, Comrade Tex. History past must be wiped away in order to build history future for great positive future enculturement!

.roca said...

@HalibetLector: Cognitive dissonance is one hell of a drug.

Texas Arcane said...


Overwhelming evidence says they were genetically engineered to sleep on command.

Asperger's Syndrome is accompanied by normal sized corpus callosum in brain :

"Normal" human brains react to cognitive dissonance by releasing small hallucinogens to counteract cortisol and ignore conflicting information (suicidal response in cold climates like discovering you are out of firewood)

bicebicebice said...

Very nice post and comments, i still wonder about starchilds tho, because they seem to wield more power and more success than todays watered down melons.
Like Herman the Rump, first full time EU president. To me it just seems that they have the melons by the balls, i don't think they like todays melonesque approach of just personal power, if they ever "liked" them which i don't think they did.

They just can't seem to organise on the massive scale that starchilds can, and thus are looked down upon, like petty dumbasses.

Anonymous said...

That's funny. Conflicting information prevents me from sleeping until resolved.

- Koanic

scipioafricanus said...

I wonder why those melonhead skulls have such big eye sockets. I guess binding a head with rope must make the eye sockets big as well...I should be an anthropology professor

bicebicebice said...

bicebicebice said...

@scipioafricanus :D!

I think this fine production demonstrates how most thals feel about power struggles in general: Yoda as Starchild, Luke Skywalker as Melonhead and Obi-Wan Kenobi as Neanderthal.
Dagobah System = New world order sauna club.

Melon to Thal: Hey, would you be interested in building a powered up sacrificial blood ramp for our pyramids, so the blood will flow faster than Terminal Velocity, im thinking something along the lines of Vtec. Come on, you can be the first to bat when its done!

SC to Thal: Build us a a fleet of starships so we can invade "Kepler-452b", if you do, we will tell you what the planet is really called.

The answer to both of these proposals are of course: "No, i am playing Grimoire."

styrac1 said...

@ bicebicebice

Palpatine = Melonhead

Vader = Neanderthal (Anakin as in Anakim = Edomites - Esau's seed who have fallen to the "Dark Side")

Ryan David G said...

Why Bezos' Denials About Exploitation at Amazon Sound Like Sociopathic CEO-Speak

Grogard said...

I interviewed there a long time ago and they still send me constant emails and sometimes call me back. The interview process is incredibly creepy and the 'culture' is strange mind control indoctrination. The employees who actually do stuff look incredibly tired while the managers seem like incredible BS artists. Before I even got in the building I noticed people sitting in their cars with looks of depression screwing themselves up to

They gather you in a room and have a bunch of people ask you the a set list of questions, then another group does the same ON AND ON FOR THE ENTIRE DAY. Just like the replicant test from blade runner. Some asian girl did not even look up from her fucking ipad while she asked me questions, which pisses me off to think of even today.

I can't imagine working there would be remotely pleasant experience. Most of them are obviously incompetent assrods and the ones who seem smart have an air of suffering.

Texas Arcane said...


Notice whatever job they make a mint at, it doesn't involve real work or services but instead is just talking in a friendly, charming, persuasive voice about our perceptions for hours and hours.

The purpose of the Larry King show was never to interview celebrities. It was a show that pretended to interview celebrities while trying to frame the same narratives and political ideas over and over again using different talking heads. Larry just used these people as gentile backboards to sink freethrows in.

For example, if you want a simple specific instance :

I must have heard Larry say several dozen times to guests, "You never do know where the fire comes from, it's just in you and it guides you to success." The inference of course to be drawn is that some people are born to rule and some people aren't and the people we see on television are better than we are and occupy their social niche because it is divinely ordained at birth that they do so.

Ave said...

Very interesting, Grognard.

Among the things that made me leave KPMG Deutschland when I was a consultant there in the early 2000's was their creepy attempts at esoteric stuff like Positive Thinking.

During the first months there I was appalled by ambitious A-holes emulating this, I called them "positivos", and it sure didn't help my career there.

These same people were making fun of the only friend I had there, the IT specialist, who was basically keeping all their projects alive. He looked like Mecki Igel ( ) and was deluged with work. He was quite low in the social ladder but had a solid salary - the consultants were supposed to be paid more than him but the difference was the "bonus" which you get if you submit to their near-scientologist madness. There also was regular endoctrinement there (mass shows, mass celebrations with a biker gang etc.)

I quit the company mid-2002, and shortly after the guys who were making hissing sounds mimicking the "soldering iron" (IT proficiency) Mecki Igel was supposed to use all day were sacked. Mecki Igel stayed.

"Occasionally [Mycroft Holmes] *is* the British government [...] the most indispensable man in the country."

Ja D said...


Grogard said...

Well, I was working as a programmer before I left college, and back then things were different. I have kept all my permanent jobs in one area but traveled to a lot of places for contracts.

The corporate world has always been full of incompetence but over time there has been a big shift.

I used to get asked very penetrating IT questions. I usually never miss any questions but sometimes there would be subtle tricks I did not pick up on etc. Over time it has morphed more and more so that interviews barely ask any programming-related questions at all, but go on and on with BS questions and have 'inclusive' interviews where every single person you may ever work with gets a say in whether you get hired or not. Needless to say this is going to foster nepotism and breed mediocrity if not outright incompetence.

Edward said...

Melonheads = extreme male brain.
Starchilds = extreme female brain.
(Or maybe they are just the 'normal' ones, it's just that all the androgynous permanent children massively outnumber the relatively few adults.)

I'm not sure which side is ultimately in control, but both sides like to think they are.
Starchilds created the overall structure of civilisation, melonheads are just agents operating within that structure. Starchilds just seem to mostly stay out of sight and network. They achieve group consensus on what must be done, and then act in concert to alter the structure of 'reality' to ensure that it actually happens, maybe by offering the melonheads a few kickbacks for a job well done.

HalibetLector said...

@Tex That's both interesting and horrifying. And yet, it explains so much. Thank you!

@Grogard They gather you in a room and have a bunch of people ask you the a set list of questions, then another group does the same ON AND ON FOR THE ENTIRE DAY. Just like the replicant test from blade runner.

This is the standard interview process for American tech companies. By the 4th interviewer, my ability to keep up the mask of "extremely sociable extrovert" slips and that's the ballgame. Every place I've ever been hired has deviated from this and, either by accident or by design, had fewer than 4 people interview me in a single day. Remotely distributed companies are even better at this. Since it all happens over the phone or over the internet, those companies stick to a single hour-long interview per day, but they spread it out for weeks.

Russell (106) said...


"Notice whatever job they make a mint at, it doesn't involve real work or services but instead is just talking in a friendly, charming, persuasive voice about our perceptions for hours and hours."

Yup. Almost like they can't do much else beyond that.

No wonder they worshipped snakes. Slippery, backstabbing, sheds skin, hypnotic powers ascribed to them, forked tongues, poison in their mouths.

"Trust in me" is their theme song.

KW Jackson said...

It seems the psychopathic are becoming the New Man. Only an Ice Age can save us.

bicebicebice said...


Yeah im thinking something similiar, the melons Napoleon, Adolf and Benito were paramount in creating the modern EU, look at todays leadership compared to the ones during the industrial revolution, kings & queens and feudal melon lords, replaced in the information age we live in with starchilds, Putin Merkel and Herman The Rump etc.
The Melons were never allowed to succed, but they did a good job of rallying the thals to build and invent stuff, and laying the blueprints for a new world order.

Then we get a litte empire action again until it breaks down and warring lords, tribes, cities, feudal provinces, a country again etc etc.

Same play, same actors.

Ave said...

None of those you named were Melonheads (first and foremost because their heads were normal, obviously).

These are mere executors, they have to attend staff meetings and shake hands with unsavory types, they have to train their mimicks in front of a mirror... Doesn't leave much time for reading and thinking, like a strategist does.

Grogard said...

Amazon is just another dotbomb, not a real tech company. I suspect that's more standard for "incompetent big corporation hiring tech staff" which I usually try to avoid, but I was thinking of moving to the area so wanted to check it out.

I have done hundreds of interviews but never had to suffer quite such nonsense. If someone doesn't have hiring power they shouldn't be doing a fucking interview, and you shouldn't have to meet the CEO to get hired onto a company with more than a dozen employees for god's sake.

I've had multiple interviews before (though this always leads to me taking jobs from people who offer immediately) but it's not simply the same questions over and over by different people that have almost nothing to do with tech. Only one group out of 8-9 even asked any tech questions and they were utterly retarded crap a monkey could answer. I couldn't even think of a better recipe for ensuring your company is full of braindead idiots.

bicebicebice said...

@Ave did you respond to my comment? It is difficult without the "@" in the beginning.

Napoleon Hitler and Benito were melons, but they were to brutal for the european peoples, we never really needed them anyways, so we got the "nice" EU instead.

Where you need a melon ruler is in shitty countries, like Saddam only one who could keep the peace in Iraq, Assad only one who can keep the peace in syria, a leaders most important role is just that, to keep thep peace. Some countries need a melon leader, som need a thal, some need a starchild, anything is better than a sap.

Grogard said...

Actually I've had a lot worse interviews, but they weren't due to the format so much as various jerks/lunatics etc. There was more stuff with that interview too, but it's not a job interview website and there's only so much you can say publicly without it coming back to you down the road.

Once upon a time tech interviews were tough on the brain, now they are tough on the sanity I guess. I have channeled the spirit of Steven Toast on some moron more than once.

Texas Arcane said...


You're preaching to the choir baby. I got knocked back last week from an interview because I called Design Patterns a cult and said it has nothing to do with good software development. Boom. Call security.