Thursday, August 6, 2015

Kenyan Nationalizes Food Supply

All third world countries end up confiscating food stocks from private citizens sooner or later.

Keep it on the down low, brother. Similar agenda brewing here in Australia I learned last week. What an amazing coincidence that happens on a weekly basis, identical legislation with identical wording introduced at identical times in different countries supposedly governed by the locals.

A couple years back they used to say you were crazy if you believed in a secret plan for global government. Nowadays the sheeple silently adjusted to saying anybody who thinks the transition to global government will be a bad thing is crazy. The scariest thing of all is not global government it is how easily the sheeple switch viewpoints without being conscious they have done so. That's scary.


Russell (106) said...

Sadly, all my food supplies were ruined due to my stored water leaking into everything.

OpSec: it's more than just keeping your mouth shut.

Grogard said...

The black man who legalized slavery.

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