Saturday, August 22, 2015

Hillary Coming Unhinged

A fragile mind at the best of times, it is cracking under exposure. The complete mental breakdown that has been coming for fifty years is almost upon us. A couple decades of paint therapy and the woman who would be king will be right as rain.


Grogard said...

That's the funny thing about leftists. They all seem great until you know something about them. Everyone knows a lot about Hilarity so it would take some serious mindblanking to swallow her as a viable candidate.

Not many know much about Barry Sanders either but I think they are picking up on the pattern.

Ja D said...

Worse than obama?

Jebediah Kerman said...

If Hillarious Clinton ever becomes president, my hopes for the Americans will forever be lost.

bicebicebice said... good luck in ww3!

Edward said...

It's a common problem with the baby boomers, they are all going down with dementia. The result of a lifetime spent forcing themselves to conform to unnatural patterns of bahavior and false beliefs.
Hopefully this generation has the chance to sort themselves out a bit psychologically so that we don't end up in this state, but we'll be living with the damage left by the previous lot for a long time to come.