Monday, August 31, 2015

Bogus - Fraud - Fake

I originally thought this was authentic. Similar shootings have happened live in the past.

... then I heard from the "boyfriend" and the "relatives." Instantly knew the entire thing was a hoax.

Terrible hoax. Appallingly bad actors. No tears, no sincerity in anything. Badly scripted, fakey props like the "scrapbook," etc. and the "father" ... no. No. NO.

Absolute rubbish.

So they have declared war on the NRA because their relative was shot by a black, gay man.

Right. Totally realistic. Yeah.

I find it insulting but when you see the kind of people walking around in Kwanstainia ... eh. I guess they think that is all that is necessary to fool'em.


Grogard said...

You can't kill someone by surprise at point blank with a knife? lol

All these 'disgruntled' cases that kill a couple people can be done just as well without guns, much better since then you know your victims can't fight back and a knife makes no noise. If elliot rodgers stuck with the knife ambush strategy he started with he could have killed dozens like many serial killers before him.

It is over the top parody for sure, though. A black gay communist goes bonkers because whites were racist because they didn't give him free stuff and kills a jewish woman because of it, and it's the fault of the tiny conservative minority.

Aeoli Pera said...

No wonder they picked the only thin white girl in the US. Makes sense now.

MycroftJones said...

Why aren't any of the conspiracy sites picking up on this? It was on the radio Sunday morning; the woman didn't die after all, she is recovering in hospital. Dramatic change to the narrative, it is busted bad. Now if they backtrack on that, well... I heard the news piece.

scipioafricanus said...

I watched the video, found a couple things that seemed odd

1) the gunman walks up, points his gun at the reporter, neither she or the interviewee notice the firearm or movement in their peripheral vision. I can understand the reporter being trained to block out peripheral vision to conduct live interviews, but not the interviewee...besides, her subconscious would probably be shouting "gun! gun!"
2) the female reporter does not seem to react normally to being shot...does move her hands to the wounded area to staunch the bleeding, does not put her hands up in self defense, does not fall over, does not stagger backwards, and runs away normally after being hit several times at close range

Fubar said...

These Marxist ass clowns aren't even trying any more, but considering the average network news watching kwanstanian is basically retarded, they don't have to. They could spray paint a donkey pink, shove a carrot up its ass and if CNN said it's a unicorn, then by God it's a unicorn.