Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Vault-Co Prediction 2005 : The Need For Overkill

Back in 2005, a decade ago, we predicted that advances in missile defence would necessitate using ten times what would normally be allocated to targets to ensure that one of them would get through.

Russia just rebooted the missile race as of now. Anybody who is not rolling them off assembly lines is going to get saturated with them in World War III. I expect we will also see a return to the days of ever increasing megatonnages to encourage a wider radius of effect, so that a missile only has to get within range to be effective.

Russia still has some of the best engineers in the world but America is a post-modernist dump where the majority of the population cannot even read and write at an adult level. They are going to get creamed in the third World War but maybe that is exactly what the elites want.


styrac1 said...

"They are going to get creamed in the third World War but maybe that is exactly what the elites want."

The "elites" = America and their plan is to cream Russia, not "America".

Kona Commuter said...

Interesting links but they neglect the ANZUS smart weapon at our disposal. Tony Abbot’s “shirt front”

Quake in your boots you Ruskies

Texas Arcane said...


If that is their intention they are not as bright as they would like others to believe. So far is is Russia creaming them.

styrac1 said...

@ Tex

It was a report on globaresearch found on your feed that outlined this U.S. plan. They are beefing up their Eastern European vassal states, including the deployment of tactical nuclear weapons to unleash them against Russia, thinking they can contain the war in the European theater, while North America remains relatively unscratched.

What I meant is that "elites" are not some elusive entity doing equal harm to the U.S. Europe and Russia, but having full control of the U.S. intelligence, military and economic apparatus they represent "American interests" and that is the elimination of all sovereign countries dissenting from their NWO, the fact that Americans are the ones suffering most from their social and cultural filth on steroids, with white heterosexual Christians under persecution by the state, while Russians are free to raise children and families as it is meant to and practice their religion not withstanding.

Sam said...

I think they have all kinds of wild plans. One might be to move back to Ukraine if it gets too hot in Israel. They lost attacking Lebanon last time. They realize they don't have the man power to take Lebanon. If they can't take Lebanon they certainly can't take all the other countries around them. Another plan might be to have Russia/China vs. USA. At the same time the Israeli's attack the middle East with chemical and nuclear weapons. The rise of the internet is making it impossible to control as they did before. People are beginning to notice. It hasn't stopped them yet but at some point critical mass sets in and just like every time in the past the Jews will be seen as the culprit manipulating events in the background. Some clues to the Russia/China vs. USA war. The downing of the two Malaysian planes with Chinese citizens on them. The push against Russian in the Ukraine. None of these things make sense for the US.