Friday, July 24, 2015

Trust The Elites

They trust you to trust them.

If it was one guy, I'd be on the fence.

If it is ten thousand billionaires all saying the same thing, it is time to realize something is afoot.


theepilgrim said...

"this poor planet of ours, which already struggles to sustain 6.8 billion people, will somehow have to support over 9 billion people within 50 years"

Do you believe these guys? The same Malthusian song and dance we've been hearing for 200 years.

Meanwhile, 90% of Africa's arable land is unfarmed. The reason certain groups are living in poverty and starving to death isn't because "this poor planet" can't sustain them, but because they lack the work ethic and skills to sustain themselves (ironically something they share in common with the "elites").

Kona Commuter said...

@theepilgrim - Rhodesians didn’t have any problems producing food. Even the local blacks begged Mugabe not to kick off the white farmers because they were the only ones that knew how or willing to run the farms. When Mugabe’s thugs took control they assumed the farms ran themselves

Texas Arcane said...


... and this is the case not only in Africa but across most of Western civilization where despite vehement denials a majority of all whites nowadays also believe that "things just run themselves."So what used to be anti-rational magical superstitious thinking in 1955 is today mainstream.

Speak to someone about any problem you see in your environment and see what their suggested course of action.

1. First reaction : Try to argue there is no problem, that is just your opinion. (Bridge near collapse)
2. Second reaction : Argue that it will sort itself out somehow or that some "smart people near the top have it under control." Truth is the guy at the top in charge of that problem was just arrested for watching kiddie porn at work and is discovered to have not done anything at his job in 25 years.

Here in Australia we had this guy named Peter Beatty in Queensland. He retired as premier after 25 years in the job. An honest review of his term would reveal all the evidence points to him never moving anything but his lips in two and a half decades on the job. He received countless millions to fix the ailing infrastructure to match the huge demand of a burgeoning population. He was replaced by a woman named Anna Bly who accomplished more work in her first 25 hours than Beatty's entire career. I didn't think much of Anna Bly, either. I think she could simply move. That's all. It made her look incredible, moving.

Mex Arcane said...

Peter Beatty was premier for 9 years Tex, not two and a half decades. You even lived there mate... what's going on? All that Queensland sun... must be suffering some kind of withdrawals ;)

Texas Arcane said...


You're right. I was thinking of Labor being in power in QLD for 25 years.

Edward said...

Well yeah, stuff like this has just got to be a bad sign. It's one thing to anthropomorphise computers (you shouldn't do that, they don't like it..), it's quite another thing when you feel you have to resort to witchcraft to troubleshoot and fix software bugs.
Whatever happened to clear thinking, or using some debugging skills?

Dijkstra must be spin-locking in his grave.
It might just be time to call it a day, no one seem to know how to do any of this stuff any more.