Wednesday, July 1, 2015

They Always Cut Cables Before A Coup

More evidence Jade Helm is about something big?

Undersea cables cut at the same time. Expensive submarine robots like those used all the time off the coast of Israel to cut communications before attacks on civilian areas?

Total war on Freedom of Expression, Freedom of Association and Freedom of Religion.

Your children's bodies are now State property, to experiment on as they see fit.

These people make the Nazis look like misguided boy scouts who enjoyed fancy dress regalia and parade marching.

Just another marxist dump people don't want to live in anymore. The world is a museum of marxist failures and now Kwanstainia is their newest exhibit. Proof that Marxism can and will ruin anything it touches.

Destruction of the previous nation and replacement with the second Bolshevist Revolution. Guarantee you if you traced the funding you'd find it leads right back to the current "government." Guarantee it.

Planning to go full retard on July 4th! Culpable deniability. Wouldn't be surprised it is another evil "redneck" "lone wolf" like Dylan Roof they will pin it on. Perfect step towards declaring martial law against all the internal "terrorists." (People who keep saying Michelle was born a man)

Australia is trying hard to keep up.

Primed for a long time. People embrace everything except the truth.

The Founding Fathers would tell you point blank, the nation has come to the classic end of the historical cycle. It's classic. The mindless submission is classic. This is all classic tenth generation. They are following scripted behaviours. Like genetic automatons. Biological wind-up toys. This is a classic play and they are a new cast reading old lines. Everybody knows how it ends.

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