Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Thermohaline Pump Shutting Down

… but not for the reasons listed by these media idiots.

Warming sea temperatures are everywhere on the planet now and they are caused by deep ocean volcanism, not "melting sea ice!" (Fantasy unsupported by any evidence)

This change in thermal profiles on the bottom of the ocean destroys the capacity of the salt water pump to move any water around because it is powered entirely by differentials. Hot water rises, is pulled by the tides and sinks as it hits areas farther north when it cools. This is how temperate air is pulled from the southern tropics towards Europe.

When the water is warming up everywhere from underwater thermal vents, there is no thermohaline pump working anywhere.

Vault-Co says this is not a Maunder Minimum. It is a big blast at the start of a Grand Minimum. Europe will be Siberian in a few short years. If it is following the interval demonstrated by examination of the Little Ice Age previously in the Middle Ages then it won't alleviate until at least 120 years later and even then only for a very brief window of 30 years or so. After that, over the precipice into the Ice Age itself. It is unlikely that 10% of the current European population will survive to see it.

Look to the left column and you will see the "Secret Pentagon Report 2004" we posted a link to over 16 years ago on Vault-Co. Back then, Globowarmthinkists tried to spin this secret prediction into some confirmation of their science voodoo, because it clearly revealed that governments were preparing for climate change that was the exact opposite of what they were telling people in public. Globowarmists worship the State and believe it incapable of error so when this report leaked out they tried to spin it into some kind of support for their crazy religion. It demonstrates that government reserves its greatest contempt for the useful idiots championing their propaganda.

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