Thursday, July 2, 2015

The Rise and Fall of Just About Everything

A "Superpower" That Cannot Repair Rails.

In the old days, the men at the local depo would jump on a hand pumped railcar with some tools, ride out to the problem site and fix it themselves in between scheduled trains. Somebody would get fired if the problem was not addressed within a day of being identified. Two men with sufficient skill can repair a hell of a lot of things by themselves. This is all it took on most days.

Nowadays an appropriations committee takes 20 years to allocate funds that are immediately siphoned off by corruption into untraceable accounts. The train tracks sit crumbling and rusting away until that line has to be closed down because trains can no longer traverse them without derailing.

A nation cannot survive the disaster of the commons. Without patriotism, pride in your work, engagement and willing sacrifice, all nations become staging areas for civil war between factions that do care enough to fight over that territory. There is no country so doomed as the one where its inhabitants call themselves "citizens of the world." It is pre-apocalyptic sentiment.

In declining societies the people lose the ability to understand how little neglects can add up to result in very big consequences indeed. At the start of a civilisation, a leader tells his men how for want of a nail, a battle and even a war can be lost. The horse throws his shoe without the nail, the horse throws his rider, the battle that is lost means an entire war campaign can fail and then a nation is lost. In declining societies everything is atomised in men's minds and they do not see the relationships between anything they do and their results. A sort of learned helplessness like that which accompanies death and extinction grips their character and they can't shake it off.


cbenediccengi said...

Evidence piling up. Saps/Knee-Groids are actually Untermensch.

The Money Shot:
"The ADRA2b deletion variant appears in varying degrees across different ethnicities. Although roughly 50 per cent of the Caucasian population studied by these researchers in Canada carry the genetic variation, it has been found to be prevalent in other ethnicities. For example, one study found that just 10 per cent of Rwandans carried the ADRA2b gene variant."

Grogard said...

Wait, so there's actually a gene for 'muh feelz'? LOL

As for the corruption, well, most people here don't consider it their country and they place no value on it or even hate it. So it is not terribly shocking. The only way it could be undone is to undo the last 100 years of foreign takeover of all our institutions.

mojo said...

Dan Crab said...

I wonder when we can start exterminating all those sapiens. As the natives of the earth we should kill all who are unlike us, as we are better and smarter than they. Those dumb sapiens are so inferior and evil. They are going to go to hell when they die. Unlike neanderthals which go to heaven as we are the greatest and the best. Those silly sapiens untermenschen will not even know what hit them when WW3 starts. After all, neanderthals invented nuclear weapons in humid caves and deserve to use them on anything that we wish to destroy. We are the only creatures that can actually think. Those hideous sapiens with their straight noses and ridgeless brows are too stupid to even calculate algebra on their toes.
Remember Jesus, George Washington, Archimedes, Plato, Copernicus, Tycho Brae, every hero/saint/inventor/anyone with a high IQ/high empathy is a neanderthal. Because it is a prerequisite to be a good person to be a neanderthal, all good people must be cavemen. That means even fictional characters like Batman and Sherlock Holmes are neanderthals. Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny are also neanderthals. Even if they lack all of the basic diagnostic criteria used by all paleontologists to identify neanderthal remains such as guttered nasal stills, round orbits, inflated maxilla, dark skin, low foreheads, shoveled teeth, facial prognathism, or toroidal brow ridges they are still somehow "neanderthals".

Texas Arcane said...

@Dan Crab

You may be spending too much time on Vault-Co.

Texas Arcane said...

@Dan Crab

Also, the fact that the best solution you can think of to any problem is to exterminate the other guy is evidence you can't think.

Sitara said...

Greece seriously considering using IOU notes and Bitcoins for domestic currency their citizens can use for food and clothing. This would be hilarious if it wasn't so sad.

Al said...

“Those dumb sapiens are so inferior and evil. They are going to go to hell when they die. Unlike neanderthals which go to heaven as we are the greatest and the best.”

Do you have a problem with uppity Neanderthals like this one?

You tried dipping them in the generic cosmic lava pit but hearing them squeal got boring quickly.

They got desensitized to the pain but they still hated their brother in their heart and wouldn’t trust in The Lord their God.

You could use Gulag™, a new product by Sapiens. The perfect combination of humiliation, alienation, confusion, sickness, physical and emotional pain; this great new product will have your stubborn Neanderthal back on track in no time. Gulag™ Starter comes in Faux-Democracy, Harem and High School for only $149,990. With 100 free Sapiens Edumfactors, Gulag™ is the greatest instrument of enlightenment ever invented.


“The kingdom of Heaven is spread upon the earth but men do not see it.”

Dan Crab said...

"You may be spending too much time on Vault-Co."

No, I am just being facetious. I guess that you are not used to other people using hyperbole.

On a serious note, do you have any of the diagnostic features of a neanderthal? I can see from your photograph that your nose is straight and that you have a nasal sill. Your zygomatic bones are most different from any neanderthal that I have ever seen. I cannot tell if you have an occipital bun or facial projection, but your front does not indicate any neanderthal features. Also your pigmentation is strikingly lighter compared to the likely neanderthal. Practically the anti-thesis of a neanderthal.
A good example of someone who looks like a neanderthal today would be Che Guevara or Ted Kaczynski.

Grogard said...

@Dan - better yet just enforce borders. Or else all the people who ruined the countries they came from, come to yours. And do the exact same things.

scipio afircanus said...

About the rail line, i am guessing that the melon heads running the rail road decided that they need to increase "shareholder value" instead of maintaining their capital.

KW Jackson said...

It's the only way out unless they grow a spine like the Icelanders.
Unfortunately that's a bluff by the gov of Greece as they look for more of a cut to line their pockets with.

Dan Crab said...

My country is practically dead. It was just described in this post. Full of jews, mexiscum, and unnameable foreign creatures. There is no hope for it. Thus, I regard myself as stateless.

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