Tuesday, July 21, 2015

San Francisco Destined For Coral Reef Starter

Expected any day now.

The same type of impulse gratification personality that settled in San Francisco is the exact same kind of personality that will throw up buildings with low seismic ratings. Unable to think longer term it is the kind of personality always getting hoisted by its own petard from natural cycles and traditional intermittent crises that are a part of living on Planet Earth, which they never seem well adapted to.

Therefore, predictions of consequences for incurring God's wrath tend to be spectacularly accurate when gauged over extended samples of time. Whether God exists or not, the universe appears to be slanted to producing traditional biblical spectacles of the unrepentant getting their asses waxed for them.

If you asked San Franciscans if they thought it was a good idea to prepare for earthquakes, they'd tell you "We will deal with it when, if, it happens." This is what people say when they lack the capacity to foresee consequences. They try to make it sound like a virtue when in fact, it is a shortcoming. Remember, less brain is never better than more brain, ever. Big fat frontal lobes are good, holes and missing gaps in brains tend to deliver bad outcomes. There is no workaround. Also, a consensus on any subject by a large group of people with holes in their heads is worthless. One guy with a functioning amygdala to recognize hazards is worth ten million men without one.


aeolipera said...

Making the rounds on the internet:

"For example, as the proportion of the African component increases, the temporal surfaces move posteriorly and inward. The proportion of the European component is associated with protrusion of the occipital and frontal surfaces. Increases in the proportion of the East Asian component are accompanied by variations in temporal-parietal regions. The Native American component is associated with flattening of the frontal and occipital surfaces."

.roca said...

"Also, a consensus on any subject by a large group of people with holes in their heads is worthless."

I laughed heartily.

Grogard said...

Did melonhead time travelers free nelson mandela from prison?

Takuzdwa Aywok said...

mamamanganyèh cracka are yo saying we are stupid
ur paper sounds ridiculous anyways. tex dont listen to him hes a biggot

Sitara said...

The gay capital of the world is predicted to be the epicenter of a massive quake of Biblical proportions?

How is Dawkins going to explain this one?

cbenediccengi said...

Have at 'er old boy.

Dan Crab said...

Are you afraid of being wrong?

Texas Arcane said...


I am a great admirer of the grand work you are doing to open the apartheid state to massive immigration. No human being is illegal and we all bleed red blood.

When the time is ripe I will personally pilot the lead plane of the Somalian Airlift Campaign that will land 120 million beautiful brown people in Tel Aviv and help them to climb the airport fence and escape into the population before security arrives. For too long Israel has not enjoyed the benefits of diversity it has so eagerly pushed on the rest of the world. God's children need to open their borders and welcome their brothers and sisters from the mother continent we all came from despite not actually having any African haplogroups in our DNA.

I look forward to the day I don't have to suffer all these white faces in Israel and can hear the glorious sounds of cannibal war drums and automatic weapons fire as embetterment spreads throughout the land of Abraham.

Takuzdwa Aywok said...

Naturally, my white brother. We appreciate your support. I myself am a daily victim of many, many racist attacks from those fellow Jews and often occur to get spontaneously spat at by some of them when walking in the streets of Tel Aviv.
Thanks god, the females there aren't as racist as the males. I am already a proud father of 13 little black Jews.

Israel indeed isn't diverse enough, and there are many hungry little african children waiting at it's doorstep for it to accept them in. We are very lucky, because it's a very rich country 100% able to support more people, and that is also quite close to Africa, so that Somalian Airlift Campaign shouldn't be too pricey, or we could even use Trucks or try to cross their borders by force.
OR encourage them to open their borders!

But some Jews are not as racist as one could believe, some of them are indeed, as you say, lovers of diversity. One of them, even if she blocked us on twitter, is Barbara Spectre:
It's a HUGE transformation for Israel to make.

I don't understand those stories of haplopagroups and NDA, but it sounds like made up stories from white devil racists. I suggest you simply discard them like a true liberal.