Thursday, July 23, 2015

Same Legislation Worldwide At The Same Time

America, England, UK, Australia.

All introduced mandatory vaccination legislation at the same time, backed by dozens of crippling financial penalties at all levels of society for those who refuse.

In all the legislation introduced worldwide, the specific vaccine that will be required is not mentioned because there isn't one. This is not in response to an epidemic or any evidence that there will be a plague if it isn't imposed. It doesn't specify a vaccine. It specifies the right of the government to vaccinate someone with whatever they want whenever they want however they want. Each and every bill specifically mentions the right of "healthcare" providers to administer these (?) at school without notifying the parents or asking their permission.

Hey, I think I heard about this somewhere before about 30 years ago.

Here it is. In fact, this is positively boring I have been expecting it for so long. Exactly this.

Notice how the "nuts" have models of the world that are predictive. Ordinary people are only reactive. One begins to suspect if it really is the minority who are mentally ill and the majority are the well ones. That supposition doesn't seem to fit the facts at all. They contradict it.

With an average IQ of 97 now in the Western World, one cannot help but wonder if the "average" man is capable of understanding anything at all.

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