Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Republicans Guarantee WW3 With Hillary Clinton

The candidates they have offered are a pathetic lot of frauds, criminals and degenerates.

They will split the vote and they don't have the numbers to win if they split the party vote. Hillary will win by default.

John Titor hinted that the President would be a woman when World War III began.


Ron said...

John Titor was not from the future.

But I think what he said had a great deal of truth because it was based on the insight that the truly creative can tap into.

He clearly thought it out and was very intelligent.

I was reading more about the "Bloop", Lovecraft was probably involved with the cults, but I suspect that his positioning of the R'lyeh relatively close to the bloop was less because of specific knowledge and more because that area is the most remote place on the planet. That's a logical choice for some seriously weird shit to go down.

Same thing with "Titor". I read his stuff and the evidence of who it really was, etc, and the conclusion I came to, FWIW, is that the guy was making it up. But he was making it up in the way that "Gullivers Island" was made up. It's something based on insight and a good understanding of politics and human nature.

We see in Isaiah that right before the passages that effectively describe the after effects of a nuclear war, it says that "they will appoint women as their leaders" (or something like that).

That is the end result of a frivolous, weak and corrupt society. To appoint emoitonally childlike women to have power over men via lies and force. Only to see everythign totally crash.

Edward said...

Well yeah, Jonathan Swift seems to have had a pretty good idea of the direction things could move in. He probably didn't see it all happening so fast.