Thursday, July 2, 2015

Reporter Flips Out Of His Mind On Television

This guy had enough. Some truth managed to slip through the Matrix for just a moment.

These kinds of things happen intermittently to a nation that is being looted. Some people are bound to scream an alarm no matter how tightly you control information.


njartist said...

The commentator did not slip his harness: he reinforced the notion that Obama should ignore Congress and use his pen to rule. The fellow is correct about Congress being bought; yet, so are the Executive and Judicial branches: the National government is a tool of the commercial and financial princes both domestic and foreign: there is no solution to our difficulties unless these princes are removed.

Ron said...

Controlled opposition.

Consider: the man offered no solutions whatsoever aside from "shutdown congress and give Obama more power".

The man was a braying ass meant to siren call the other braying asses into braying instead of doing anything remotely useful. True, congress has for the most part been bought and paid for, the democrats are evil and the republicans are compromised. But he doesn't deal with any of the reasons for that.

Does he talk about the nature of a surveliance state? As to how that can easily be used to intimidate and control everyone? Does he talk about the real problems of overarching federal power and the inevitable corruption it brings? No, of course not. His solution? MORE CENTRALIZED POWER.

Does he talk about how the university system has been corrupted with government money and consequence free college loans such that they got a blank cheque to indoctrinate students with insane ideas and no consequences for failure to teach them anything useful? Nah.

Does he point out that the President is a gay communist muslim coke addict and that the bastard (that might be literal btw) should never have been allowed the position of dog catcher much less leadership? Nah. It's just "harumph harumph! Obama should go to congress and speak his mind before the people! Harumph!"

Fuck him. When the smoke clears, and all the NWO rejects are being put on trial for crimes against humanity, I'm going to remember this bastard and make sure he gets tried for aiding and abetting the treason that brought us this coming horror.